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How Pat Mahomes's new deal paves a new era of contract signings for the NFL.

Sports is officially back starting this week, and that feels good to say after what has been five months since the world shut down. Now that we things are up and running again, there has been plenty of headlines to catch up on. Specifically a contract signing that made on of the best quarterbacks in the game, the highest paid player in the history of the NFL. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes who had just won the super bowl six months ago, just signed a contract that would make him a Chief for the rest of his career. But not only that, it was a deal that you might see in another sport the MLB.

Patrick Mahomes's new contract is worth up to 10 years for a max of $503 million with incentives. He has a signing bonus of $10 million and is fully guaranteed of $141,481,905 million per This contract is very unique in it's own way something that we haven't seen an NFL team do with any of it's players. The only professional sports league that has made those type of deals is the MLB, up until now they were the only league to pull off more of these type of deals is because they don't have a salary cap like the NFL, NBA, and NHL.

Although this deal is tremendous for Mahomes and the Chiefs because one gets paid and the other keeps their franchise QB as well as the ability to opted out, it raises concerns for the team in general. This contract will eat up majority of the Chiefs salary, which could handicap them from signing depth/role players. Which means that they would have to nail their draft picks and hope that goes well.

The bright side is with the increase of the salary cap each year, there might be more of a possibility that more of these deals can happen despite the limit to how much a team can spend. There probably won't be multiple deals like this given by one team, this could be a start of a new era of contract signings to every team.

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