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Taiwan Jones


New York Jets #49


"I was surprised Taiwan Jones from Michigan State wasn't drafted. He showed some good stuff on film. He's a thumper. He's a pretty heady ballplayer coming in and I was kind of happy to have him when I saw him just because I thought he was getting drafted. No knock against the rest of them, but that's what I saw, he's one of the guys I looked at." -Todd Bowles, Head Coach of the New York Jets


On most websites, Taiwan Jones was noted as the first UDFA that the New York Jets signed. Taiwan had a great college career including 60 tackles, 12.5 for a loss, 4 sacks in 2014 and 67 tackles, 7 for a loss in 2013. It also appears that Taiwan already has the admiration of his head coach. Below is an interview Interstate of Green had with LB Taiwan Jones.


IOG: We're you surprised you weren't drafted? 

Taiwan: Yes I was very surprised but at the end of the day I still had an opportunity to show that I can and deserve to play at this level.

Did the fact that you went undrafted add more motivation? 


Taiwan: Yes it adds a lot of motivation because I feel like I have a lot to prove and I can't wait to prove it and also having a huge support group is another way of motivation for me because I refuse to let them down

IOG: Inside or outside linebacker? 

Taiwan: I can play both inside and outside linebacker; my first 3 years at Michigan State University I played outside, played inside this past year and didn't really have too many problems at both


IOG: How was the East-West shrine game?

Taiwan: The east-west shrine game was really enjoyable. It helped me understand what a NfL defense was and how they run it, if anything it prepares me for the past weekend at minicamp.


IOG: What do You take away after the first 2 days of minicamp?


Taiwan: What I took away from minicamp is that it is faster than college and that everyone at this level is good. Also that you have to know the playbook inside and out and not make any mistakes because a mistake could be the result in winning and losing a game.

IOG: What are your thoughts on Todd Bowles?

Taiwan: I really like coach Bowles, he is a great guy and he also gave me the opportunity to be with the jets so I couldn't thank him enough. 

IOG: Thoughts on Jets defense? 

Taiwan: I really enjoying running the defense, it is a lot of concepts and different things that go in every day that challenges you as a player to have to learn all,of it before the next day at practice which I enjoy as well. It makes you a better and smarter football player.

IOG: What is your message to Jets fans?

Taiwan: Just want to thank the fans for there support that they are showing me and I enjoy the love that they show for their team! 


Please watch Taiwan's highlight video below! 

(Warning: Graphic Language)

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