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Larry D. Butler III


Southern Nazarene University


IOG: What colleges recruited you out of high school?


Larry: Out of high school I had 2 Division 1 offers Arkansas state and Univ of Houston. Out of Junior College I had 13 and 4 in the SEC (Tennesee, Kentucky, Miss State, Ole Miss)


IOG: Do you play both Inside and outside linebacker? 


Larry: Yes and even some Defensive End when needed


IOG: Are you a hybrid? If asked by other teams to switch spots would you? Example OLB or ILB or Safety


Larry: Yes i would say so, im very versitile, and can play multiple positions which is why I think I can help a number of NFL teams


IOG: Who do you model your style of play after?


Larry: The Late Sean Taylor. Flying around hitting everything that moves, ultra agressive.


IOG: What main reason would you give for teams to take you in the draft?


Larry: I will be a pro bowl caliber player for the next 10-12 years 


IOG: Where do you expect you go in the draft? To which team? What team is your first choice. 


Larry: I've seen my name projected as high as the 5th round on some Draft websites. I would be honored to play for any team


IOG: Favorite player and team growing up.


Larry: I loved Terrell Owens and I was born in nothern California so my family loves the Raiders



IOG: Your inspiration in life and in football. 


Larry: My mother inspires me in my life to be the best person i can be on and off the field.


Message to the fans

Be on the lookout for me as I am the best linebacker in the country and im set on proving that this season.


Please check out Larry's highlight video below!


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