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No More Doubting the Dowtin our Interview with NFL's Marcus Dowtin


IOG: How was your time in the NFL and with the Jets?


Marcus: My experience with the Jets didn't end well due to a situation I believed was maneuvered to get me out of there. I had a great experience playing under Coach Rex Ryan and the rest of the coaching staff. 


IOG: How was the veteran's combine? Describe the experience and participants.


Marcus: The veterans combine for me was a waste, I spent too much money to get there and the last minute help that they rarely gave informing me of the process cost even more money. I ended up spending $1500 in tickets travel. I think the 40yd dash timing was off even though I ran a 4.56 electric time. 


IOG: How was it transitioning for NFL to the Toronto Argonauts?


Marcus: Transitioning from the NFL to the CFL was interesting. In the CFL I played SS similar to a Troy Polamalu role almost similar to my position with the JETS in some actions. I was able to use my athleticism because the field was wider and there was a lot more running. I definitely enjoyed the CFL and the Toronto Fans. 


IOG: Who was your favorite player and team growing up?


Marcus: My favorite player had to be Emmitt Smith and my favorite team had to be the Cowboys.


IOG: What do you like most about playing linebacker?


Marcus: Well I don't like to consider myself a linebacker because I don't believe that fits my playing style description. I like to be around the ball no matter the spot. God has blessed me with the instinct to play this game so I don't limit myself and prove through my hard work and effort I can't be stopped at any position


IOG: Who do you compare your game to?


Marcus: There is no comparison I don't know anyone that Has played Safty, Slot Corner, Runningback, OLB, and ILB all in the NFL but Me.


IOG: Marcus what are you doing currently?


Marcus: I have been training with @AdvancedSportsPerformance with Deangelo Kinnard preparing for this upcoming season hopefully someone looks my way. I am preparing to start Boxing Professionally if I don't receive a call in order to take care of necessary bills while still accomplishing the dream of greatness. I also own a Telecommunications Company called "Dowtin-Tech", and a Sports Memorabilia company called "Kingdom United" we collect Memorabilia and present them at Charity and Non Profit organizations across the east cost to create awareness for NFL Athletes and Entertainers bridging the gap between the community and those they believe are elite.  


Message to your fans:

Follow Dowtin because where there is Doubt I will overcome it. 


Please check out Marcus's highlight video below!








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