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Chris McClendon

Running Back

Oklahoma Panhandle State University #13


1) What positions did you play at Parkview Highschool? 


Chris: As a freshman & sophomore I started varsity as a slot back but still saw some time at RB & then my junior year I moved to RB & started there for my last 2 years.


2) How did Parkview Highschool prepare you for college football at Oklahoma Panhandle State University?


Chris: My head coach in high school got me more mentally prepared. He was very hard on me my 4 years at Parkview & pushed me to mentally strong & mature. The summer before going to OPSU I trained in Florida.


3) What offers did you receive coming out of high school?


Chris: I committed to the University of Memphis after my Junior season & had other D2 offers in Arkansas as well.


4) How has your time been at OPSU?


Chris: My time at OPSU has been more than I expected. It's a small school but I met a group of guys that had the same goal I had to turn the program around & make it to the NFL & now we are close to completing those goal.


5) Play any position besides running back in college?


Chris: I am the Wildcat QB & split out wide in our empty formations.


6) Who in the NFL do you compare your game to?


Chris: I compare my game to Marshawn Lynch. A one cut & get downhill running style with a good blend of speed power & size. I also keep my feet running on contact & run through tackles. Also catching the ball out of the back field is easy to me. I love getting involved in the passing game.


7) Where do you expect to get drafted?


Chris: I expect to get drafted in the late rounds. Like around the 6th & 7th round. If not get an undrafted free agent contact & work my way onto the team.


8) What team would be your first pick to play for?


Chris: My favorite team are the Philadelphia Eagles but I love the Dallas Cowboys zone running style. Make the read & get downhill. I love it.


9) What would be the first item you buy when you make it into the pros?


Chris: I don't know what I would buy. But I would definitely make sure my mom had money in her pockets because she deserves the most credit for me being where I am today.


10) What is your 40 time?


Chris: 4.5


11) Would you be willing to switch positions if you were asked to?


Chris:  Yes I would. I understand it's a business. I would do whatever it takes to keep my job!


12) Favorite team and athlete growing up?


Chris: Favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles & favorite athlete is Marshawn Lynch.


13) Favorite moment of your playing career?


Chris: Favorite moment of my career was being captain of the first team at OPSU to win 7 games in 20 years & being named Oklahoma Offensive Player of the Year.


14) Message to the fans


Chris: I don't know if I have any fans but to my future fans I'm on my way baby!!


Check out Chris's highlight video below!



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