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Kevin Monangai Running Back Villanova


When Interstate of Green reached out to running back Kevin Monangai we were very impressed with what we saw. Not only is Kevin Monangai an excellent athlete, he has the personality and kindness to match. Kevin Monangai is a New Jersey native who told us that he would like nothing more than to be the Jets verison of Darren Sproles. A running back with the size of Darren Sproles (5'8"/209 lbs) and running style of Marshawn Lynch, some team will be very happy come April.


Get to know Kevin Monangai in this full length interview.



1) What colleges were interested in you out of high school?


Kevin: My high school career took place at Seton Hall Prep, the oldest catholic school in the state of New Jersey. I started on varsity as a sophomore and ended that year with 1,100-plus yards, 8.8 yards/carry, and 17 TDs. Excited for an even bigger junior season, it didn’t go exactly the way I planned. 6 games into my junior season, I was on pace to be the leading rusher in New Jersey and was soon preparing for offers from big 1A programs, such as Boston College, Rutgers, and Maryland. In my seventh game of the season, I suffered a third degree high ankle sprain against Irvington High School and ended up missing the rest of the season, except for our first-round playoff loss to Don Bosco Prep. After my injury, the big 1A programs, who were on the brink of offering me, backed off and I was left entering my senior season with no scholarship offers. Still strongly believing in my ability, I emptied the tank my senior year. The emptying of that tank manifested itself as me being the leading rusher in the state of New Jersey and every rushing record in the 159-year history of Seton Hall Prep falling at my feet, as well as the county single-season and career touchdown records.


My only 1A offer was from Central Michigan and, although I saw myself as a D1 RB, I wanted to stay close to home. Just when it looked like I was going to have to commit to Central Michigan, in pursuit of competing at the highest level of football possible, Villanova offered me a full scholarship only three weeks before Signing Day. I took my official visit that following weekend, fell in love with the program, and committed by the end of my visit. I went on to finish my career at Villanova as the 3rd Leading Rusher in the program’s 121-year history.


2) How was your time at Nova? 


Kevin: My time at Villanova was awesome. I made a ton of friends and received a great degree in Economics and Philosophy. I'm definitely glad I chose to attend.


3) What teams have you tried out for so far? Which was your favorite?


Kevin: So far, the Eagles and Jets have put me through workouts. I liked them both a lot and would consider it an honor to play for either organization.


4) Who did you meet as far as pro coaches/players while working out?


Kevin: During my visit with the Eagles, most of my interactions were with RB Coach Duce Staley, a former RB for the Philadelphia Eagles. At the Jets, Head Coach Bowles introduced the entire staff then I spent a portion of my day with Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey and the rest of it with RB Coach Marcel Shipp, a former RB for the Arizona Cardinals. I also got to talk to Villanova football alumnus Ben Ijalana and Jets Head Strength Coach Justus Galac, who used to be my strength coach at Villanova.


5) Who do you compare your game too?


Kevin: I compare my game to Marshawn Lynch. He's a tough physical runner, who's also agile enough to make people miss when needed and break away into the open field.


6) Where do you expect to get drafted?


Kevin: If I was to get drafted, I'd expect it to come in the late rounds of the Draft. If not, I'm confident I can add value to a team as an Undrafted Free Agent. 


7) Favorite team and player growing up?


Kevin: I've never really had a favorite team growing up but I've always admired the way Marshawn Lynch, Arian Foster, and Matt Forte run the football. Each one of them brings a unique quality to the game that makes them successful. Marshawn has his toughness and strength. Arian has excellent one-cut ability and gets up field quickly. While Matt is probably one of the most consistent receiving threats at the RB position in recent memory.


8) First thing you want to buy when you are signed?


Kevin: The first thing I'll buy once I'm signed is one of those high-altitude training masks. I've always thought those were pretty cool and relatively affordable. After watching ESPN's 30 for 30: Broke, my goal is to save as much of my money as I can so I won't be buying anything too crazy at first. 



Everyone here at Interstate of Green wish Kevin Monangai the best of luck in the 2015 NFL Draft and are pulling for him to land on the Jets or the Eagles so we can continue to feature him on the site. With the character that Kevin has we will bends the rules and feature him no matter what team picks him up. Get educated on Kevin Monangai, he is a name to watch!









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