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Rich Wilhelm- Lead Jets Writer (Founder/CEO Interstate of Green LLC)

I have been off and on with writing about/for the Jets for the past few years. I started my writing by freelancing and then moved onto NYJETSOVERTHEPOND. The site was a huge success and connected two continents. I got opportunities to interview Curtis Martin at the Hall of Fame induction and he even used my question in his speech. I went to many foundation dinners/banquets such as Santonio Holmes Sickle Cell foundation for his son. The series of events was very fun and I hope to get back to those events through my writing like I did last time. Unlike last time I am adding a new team that will include the Philadelphia Eagles. It is a good way to connect two teams like how I helped connect two continents earlier. After Hurricane Sandy hit I took a hiatus and wrote a few articles since. This new website will be a fresh start for me to get out my ideas and share my love for the J-E-T-S.


I became a Jets fan at the age of 5 and my passion for the team had not subsided despite many dark days, years and even decades. I am doing this website solely for the love of the Jets and the opportunity to connect to other fans of not only the Jets but all NFL fans.















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