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Julian Howsare


New York Jets


IOG: How was your time at Clarion, how was the football program?


Julian: My time at Clarion Univeristy was one of the best times in my life. I had a lot of great memories that I shared with all my teammates. The football program was not as successful as we would of liked but we fought every year and I learned a great deal from all the coaches and my teammates. Could not be more thankful for everyone at Clarion University. 


IOG: Where were you when you got the call about joining the Jets? Who were you with? Who called you?


Julian: I was with my family, my girlfriend, a couple close friends and teammates. My agent was actually the first one to call me to let me know that the New York Jets offered me and I accepted immidiately. After that one of the scouts and also outside linebackers coach  Mark Collins called me to congratulate me and welcome me to the team. 


IOG: What colleges recruited you out of high school?


Julian: I had some Division 1 looks early on but I did not have much help or guidance with recruiting so I ended up looking at mostly Division 2 PSAC schools.


IOG: What position did the Jets tell you that you would be playing? DE or OLB?


Julian: OLB


IOG: You seem good at blocking kicks, what can you offer on special teams?


Julian: I pride myself on my special teams play so I can offer whatever the New York Jets need me to do. I can play every single special teams and I have experience and was successful doing all of them. 


IOG: What is going to be your jersey number?


Julian: Not sure yet. I'm guessing I will find out when I report. 


IOG: What do you look forward to most about joining the Jets?


Julian: I am looking forward to being apart of a great organization and team. I am very excited to play for Todd Bowles and be in his defensive scheme.


IOG: When do you have to report and what are you doing first?


Julian: I report Thursday May 7th. I have to get my physical and do a lot of the paper work and administrative stuff. Friday is the first day of rookie mini camp.


IOG: Who do you compare your game to?


Julian: I would not say there is one person I conpare my game to. I like to look at different successful players at my position and learn from them. I look at what they do as a player and what makes them so successful


Who was your favorite player and team growing up?


Julian: Growing up I was a Pittsburgh Steeler fan and I loved watching James Harrison. I loved how he was relentless and was constantly creating havoc on opposing quarterbacks. 


IOG: What do you expect out of the Jets defense?


Juilian: Best defense in the NFL! 


IOG: Predict the Jets record


Julian: 19-0 Super Bowl Champions.


IOG: Who have you met from the Jets? Looking foward to playing for Bowles?


Julian: I have only met a couple of their scouts. I am very exited to play for Coach Bowles and can't wait to get started this weekend. 


IOG: Have you talked to any players on the team yet?


Julian: Not yet. I am looking forward to meeting my teammates this upcoming weekend. 


IOG: Message to the fans


Julian: GO JETS!


Please check out Julian Howsare's highlight video below!







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