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Analyzing the Jets offense, Where do they go from here?

Photo Credit: New York Jets official website

The Jets may have physically shown up to their season opener, but mentally they were nonexistent. They lost to the Buffalo Bills by a score of 27-17 in a game where it seemed more lob-sized than what the scoreboard showed. The offense in particular looked like they needed some preseason games to shake the rust off and that’s putting it nicely, they were a huge disappointment. Credit to the Bills, they are a great defensive unit and have always been since McDermont has been the head coach but there should be no excuse for playing this poorly. 

    The Jets started out on a run play to bell which got positive yards. After two consecutive incompletions where Darnold had a difficult time just getting the ball to his receivers hands, the Jets went three and out. Even when the defense forced a turnover on the Bills first drive, the team couldn’t capitalize and got another three and out. The Bills on the other hand scored three unanswered points with ease.

    It felt like the Jets were just going to be shut out throughout the game, there was no rhythm on offense and no chemistry between Darnold and the receivers. It seemed as though they didn’t practice all training camp, and I understand that they aren’t healthy most of the players are on injured reserve including rookie Denzel Mims and La’Micael Perine. 

     Sam Darnold did not have an excellent start to the season, he completed 21 out of 35 passes for 215 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Most of those stats came in the second half on garbage time, he did complete sixty percent of his throws. Putting stats aside, Darnold looked like a rookie against the Bills. His mechanics were way off, you’ve seen him throw on his back foot a ton as well as having poor form. He also threw a Hail Mary pass to Jamison Crowder in the middle of the field that was picked during a third and four play where he could’ve tucked and run it. If that weren’t bad enough, he took a sack when all he had to do was throw the ball away. 

     There’s no doubt that he deserves some of the blame for that, but the most needs to go to Head Coach Adam Gase. The guy’s play calling was atrocious, his time management was abysmal, and just the entire offense was predictable. When you're down by 21 points going into the half and the offense is driving, why not take a shot to the end zone and try to get seven instead of settling for a field goal? It baffles me how a guy like him is even a head coach, the man is legitimately ruining the quarterback that is supposed to be our franchise player. 

  The only silver lining on this side of the ball was the offensive line, they were not perfect by any means but they made a ton of progress. I saw a ton of push from the front five, even rookie Mekhi Becton had a solid first game. He allowed one sack but it was essentially a coverage sack, but overall he looked like a force at left tackle.

   What the team needs to do is figure out a way to help Sam get into a rhythm early on in the game. Some simple short routes to give him easy completions and also run the football, that will take off some pressure that is on him. Gase needs to work with Darnolds strengths, which is to have him roll out and create some more cross routes to help get more separation for the receivers. 

  The offense will now have to make some type of adjustments as they will take on the San Francisco 49ers, another team who has an excellent defense and a great run game. If Gase cannot fix the offensive woes, I fully intend to see the Jets looking for a new head coach.

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