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  • Kevin Lidlow

Expectations for Joe Douglas's first draft as Jets General Manager

The day is finally here, the 2020 NFL draft will arrive on schedule and during this situation we finally have something else to think about other than the coronavirus. For us sports fanatics we finally get to talk about sports again! This is exciting stuff and as we inch closer to the first pick selection, it’s time to think about our expectations for the Jets general manager Joe Douglas as he enters his first ever draft as the front man.

So far from what we know about the general manager is that he’s already shown what he has learned from Ozzie Newsome and Howie Roseman. He wants guys who are tough and physical, and is not willing to overpay for players like their last GM. He also kept his promise when he said that he wants to protect Darnold. Not to mention that he resigned key players from last year on fair deals. Now we get to see what he can do with his first ever draft.

With the 11th pick and having 6 picks in the first couple rounds of the draft, it’s going to come down to how he addresses that first round pick. Truth be told it doesn't matter to me what he does, as long as it’s an offensive type player whether it’s offensive line or a receiver. Even if he trades down to get more picks we should be okay with that as well. The biggest concern is what he does with the later rounds.

The past general managers of the Jets have failed with their drafting in the later rounds and what we need to grade Douglas on is if he can nail round 2 and the later rounds of the draft. Building a team means having excellent depth/role players to go with the star talent and the Jets haven’t had those types of players in a long time. If JD can nail those later round picks then we can feel good about which direction this team is going.

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