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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 8

We went 2-2 last week to end up 9-13 on the year. We were one point in the niners redskins flood game away from a 3-1 week but that’s the way it goes. We feel good about our games this week, this is finally the 3-0 week. Seattle Seahawks (-7) at Atlanta Falcons The Seahawks fell behind the Ravens and seemed to have something unlucky happen on every drive to keep them from catching up. They still looked like a strong team and they should dominate the hapless Falcons defense.

San Francisco 49ers (-5) vs Carolina Panthers Kyle Allen has done a tremendous job standing in for Cam Newton, he hasn’t tried to do too much and has allowed his all-world running back to carry most of the workload. He’s yet to see a defense like the niners and we’ve seen time and again the difference between franchise guys and backups is their ability to handle pressure. Allen will be under attack most of the game.

Miami Dolphins (+14) at Pittsburgh Steelers I fully expect the Dolphins to lose this game but they’ve shown some heart as of late, and 14 points is a lot to ask of Mason Rudolph and the lackluster Steelers offense. I’ll take the points here in what should be an ugly gamel 

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