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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets lose 7th straight home game, offense lays an egg against the Browns

 Words can't even describe how bad this game was from the start to the finish. When your offense had negative twenty nine yards in the beginning of the first quarter with your second and third string quarterback on the field, chances are you aren't going to win this game. Second string quarterback Trevor Siemian took a bad hit in the second quarter and left the game with a ankle injury after taking a late by Myles Garrett which brought in Luke Falk who did fairly decent in the game. With the offense struggling as it was, Falk finished the night completing 20 out of 25 throws for 198 yards with a QBR rating of 99.7 and seemed to have built a nice chemistry with Robby Anderson towards the end.  

The offensive line is the far most important position on the entire football field and from what I've saw during this game, I saw an offensive line unit that couldn't run block, couldn't pass block, and couldn't even run down to the second level as well as blocking in the open spaces for the receivers to run. How do you expect to be able to get anything going when your quarterback is on the ground before he takes his five step on the drop back? There is absolute no communication on the offensive line at all, not to mention that the schematics were just as awful due to the fact that Kelvin Beachum was getting destroyed on almost every play by Myles Garrett and Adam Gase didn't even bother having a tight end chip block him to at least help him out. 

The receivers were another issue as well and with the way the team has dealt with injuries at the wide receiver position, someone has to step up and make a play. No receivers including Jamison Crowder who had fourteen catches last week had a hard time getting open as well as not even to catch the ball either. Le'veon Bell was the only exception as he was doing everything he could just to try and generate a spark in a dead offense. 

   The defense was the only good thing that came out of this game despite missing on a couple of assignments including the 89 yard touchdown pass from Odell Beckham Jr. But for the most part, the defense made Baker uncomfortable all game long as he was making some throws on the run most of the time. They kept the team in the game which was all you can really ask for from a boring offense. 

The Jets will now go on the road and play the New England Patriots who have put up 76 points in a span of two games and only allowed three points in total. The bye week can't come soon enough. 

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