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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 2

We started off strong week 1, going 2-1 with our only mistake being we trusted Mitchell Trubisky to resemble an NFL quarterback. Week 2 is a great time to make money, as the lines are slow to reflect what we saw from week 1. Philadelphia Eagles (-2.0) at Atlanta Falcons The Falcons line play is a mess. They got pushed around all game week 1 and lost their 1st round lineman in the process. This week brings the Eagles, who are stout on both lines. I expect them to bully the falcons, shutting down their run game and keeping Matt Ryan scrambling and uncomfortable. This might be the year Dan Quinn gets fired. Take the Eagles.

Chicago Bears (-3) at Denver Broncos Ahhh man here we go again. Look I know, Trubisky is a scrub but come on do you really see Flacco getting ANYTHING going versus this bears defense? The beras were embarrassed week 1 but their offense became functional in that game when they accepted that Trubisky wasn’t going to throw them to victory and allowed Montgomery and co to take the game over. I expect them to do much the same here, letting the run and short passing game eek them out just enough offense to take the victory.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+8.5) at Houston Texans This Jags defense is still for real, and backup QB Gardner Minshew looked legit playing in relief of Nick Foles. I expect the Texans to win but this is a huge point spread for two teams that aren’t that far apart in talent. 

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