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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets hire former Eagles VP of player personnel Joe Douglas as their General manager.

The Jets have hired former Eagles VP of player personnel Joe Douglas as their next general manager of the organization. Douglas was the teams first choice throughout the whole interviewing process because of his ties with Adam Gase and make no mistake about it, he is a very significant upgrade compared to Mike Maccagnan. During his three years at Philly, Douglas has built a reputation as a no nonsense, straight shooter with an act for finding talent that best fits the team. He was responsible for delivering the eagles their very first super bowl with bringing in talent like Chris Long, Nick Foles, Tim Jernigan, etc. The hope is that both Douglas and Gase will get be more compatible than the previous GM, which shouldn't be a concern at all because Douglas isn't a yes man and will be more upfront with everyone in the front office.

Joe Douglas has been around the NFL for a long time, he learned how to evaluate talent under Ozzie Newsome who was one of the best ever to do it and he learned cap manipulation from Howie Roseman which is the best of both worlds. He has learned from the best to have ever do it in the NFL and both of them have won a championship with these techniques, the Jets hope he could use his passed experiences to do the same for an organization that hasn't won in 50+ years.

The deal is a six year deal up to $3 million per year, the Jets were going to offer $1.5 million but because of the uncertainty in ownership because of the possibility that Woody Johnson could return in 2020. Douglas declined the first offer but the Jets wouldn't take no for an answer and Christopher Johnson deserves the credit for this because he went out and got the guy they wanted all along.

The Jets should get a A+ for this hire, they stuck to their guns and got their first choice throughout the whole interviewing process. It's going to be interesting to see who Douglas brings in for his staff, there has already been reports that ESPN analyst Todd McShay is in the running to be Douglas's right hand man, McShay was Douglas's college roommate and his reputation as a analyst will suit well for gang green.

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