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  • Kevin Lidlow

Defense collapses and a broken offense. Jets lose to the Titans in the final minute.

Todd Bowles was very fumed and upset over this lose, that he claims that its one of the losses that people will remember for the rest of your life. Not only will we remember the defense imploding in the closing minutes of the game, but as well as the offense not scoring a touchdown in the red zone again which brings to a total of three touchdowns in the passed five games, and still dominating the whole game. The only bright spot of this game was kicker Jason Myers as he was accountable for majority of the Jets points, and the defense finally getting a takeaway snapping a five game skid of not getting a turnover.

Penalties have been yet another issue for this team as well to go along with the other major flaws from this team, as they committed 11 penalties for 96 yards. You can't expect to win games when he commit that many penalties let alone only scoring 37.5% in the red zone. The Jets couldn't even finish their drives because just when you would think that they are starting to move down the field, they shoot themselves in the foot by these ridiculous play calls that disrupts their rhythm instead of working with their players strengths. How about the defense creating the insane penalties in crucial situations, there is no discipline at all on this team and it seems as though they aren't doing anything about it.

Todd Bowles finally showed some emotion, mentioning that he was fumed and disgusted by how this team performed yesterday and although it's nice to finally see some fire in him what is he going to do about it? The head coach has lost his team to a point where even his wide receiver spoken up to what is wrong with this team, there is no doubt that at this point it's time to fire him and the rest of the coaching staff except for Special teams coach Brant Boyer who has done a great job this year with that side of the ball.

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