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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 10

We went 4-2 last week to finally get ourselves back in the green with an overall score of 15-14-2. Betting is always easier once you start to gain an understanding of what these teams are so we expect to add to the win column in week 10 with a bevy of road warriors. Buffalo Bills (+7.5) at New York Jets Both these offenses stink, both of these defenses are great. This should be a defensive field goal battle and for one team to get spotted 7 and a half points is crazy to me. Throw in that the Jets are STILL banged up at multiple positions on offense AND this Bills team stifled Brady for 3 quarters and I just don’t see the Jets scoring many points and making us sweat out the spread.

New England Patriots (-7) at Tennessee Titans This game feels reactionary to the titans finally looking decent against the Cowboys. The Cowboys though matched up poorly against the stiff up front Titans though and it still took a lot of bad luck for them to lose. I don’t see the Titans offense keeping up with Brady even with Gronk out and Michel banged up. Swallow the touchdown.

New Orleans Saints (-6) at Cincinnati Bengals This Saints team is absolutely cruising and the Bengals are missing their best player. The Bengals defense is the worst in the league and I expect this to be an absolute shellacking with Dalton desperately trying to keep up by forcing throws to Tyler Boyd. Six points is an easy spread to stomach.

Los Angeles Chargers (-10) at Oakland Raiders The Raiders do not care at all about finishing this season strong. I have never seen a team so allergic to tackling, so lifeless on both sides of the ball. The Chargers have a ferocious run game that will punish the Raiders in the open field and rip off huge chunk plays. Even when the Chargers have this game well in hand they will continue to rack up points with Melvin Gordon. The spread should be safe. 

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