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  • Kevin Lidlow

Same results, different Sunday. Jets lose in ugly fashion against the Miami Dolphins

As if the Bears game wasn't bad enough the Jets seemed to have carried it over to this matchup against their AFC east rival Miami Dolphins as they lose 13 to 6 in a game where penalties, turnovers, and terrible coaching hurt this team yet again. The only thing that really went well for this team was the defense that only held to a total of 6 points, but the offense was barely able to get that many points let alone have a sustainable drive. The sad thing is that this was still a game the Jets could've won.

The lack of creativity on offense has been a major issue all year long, in fact when you look at all of the games the Jets were able to score over thirty points they did it because of a strong run game and winning the field position battle. Sam Darnold when having to throw over 30 attempts has been awful and this game was the perfect example as he completed 21 out of 39 passes for 229 yards and four interceptions. Most of it was his own fault but when watching this game, I've noticed that he the snaps he got were too short or too high and because of that the timing was disrupted. Receivers had another day where they just couldn't get any space against the defenders. The only exception is the rookie tight end out of Miami Chris Herndon who had the most yards as he caught 4 passes for 62 yards.

The Jets run game was a non factor again as Crowell the bulk of the carries with twelve for 48 yards while Elijah McGuire who made his debut after suffering a foot injury back in the preseason had eight carries for thirty-one yards. One of the most important aspects to developing a rookie quarterback is to have a strong run game and the Jets for some reason have gotten away from that. Third down efficiency was awful as well as they went only 2 for 13 and went 0-7 through three quarters.

The defense was the only thing that went right in this game, they only allowed the Dolphins to convert 3 out of 16 on third down and sacked Osweiler four times in this game. He completed 15 out of 24 passes for 139 yards, they didn't generate any interceptions or fumbles but when you stop them on third down it counts.

Spencer Long who was suffering through a hand injury the passed three weeks still played and made it much worse because he couldn't even snap the ball to his quarterback. The lack of creativity on offense and the bad coaching decisions and management has cost this team wins and development in addition to the front office as well. It's time to let go of Todd Bowles and the offensive corridnator.

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