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John Hazelet’s Daily Fantasy: Week 1

Week 1 is here! Week 1 is here! The first week of the season is usually the hardest to predict for daily fantasy. I think I have a pretty good feel on a few guys this week. Here is one of the (many) exact lineups I will use today in a Fanduel Sunday only lineup. Lets win some money!! 

QB: Phillip Rivers $7500: I think this game is a shoot out and Rivers will have a big day. I would also get his counterpart Pat Mahomes in a line up or 2.

RB: Alex Collins $6700: This will be a popular choice today and for good reason. Collins is about to embark on a breakout season. He will get off to a good start in week 1. RB: Royce Freeman $6000: Calling him this years Kareem Hunt may not be fair but that is how highly I regard him. I love his matchup today!

WR: Keelan Cole $4500: This is a bargain purchase. Cole is undervalued this week. His matchup vs the Giants is a favorable one. Take advantage of the low cost.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald $7300: How old is Fitz? 70? Age doesnt matter.. What matters is a matchup with a subpar defense. Fitz will be the focus of this offense until someone proves he cant be. I see him getting a lot of action today.

WR : Keenan Allen: $8000: If you have followed my picks in years past you know I often team up a QB with a WR. Allen is Rivers favorite target and his matchup is a good one.

TE: Rob Gronkowski: $7900: There areother TE's I like this week but when you get a chance to add Gronk for under $8000 you do it. The potential forhim to have a big game is present every week.

FLEX: Joe Mixon $6900: Not sure how I feel about Fanduel adding the flex position yet but I do know how I feel about Mixon. The Colts D is often a defense I pick against. This matchup just makes sense. 

Defese: Ravens: $4800: The only thing I dont like about the Ravens D this week is that they will get used in the large majority of lineups this week. I usually try to find a seldom used D each week. This one is just to good to pass up. Honorable Mention: RB John Conner @ $5000. TE Mike Gaseki $4700. TE Austin Sefarian-Jenkins $4600

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