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Dress Rehearsal Preseason Week 3. Giants over Jets 22-16: Jets Perspective by Kevin Lidlow

The Snoopy Bowl belongs to the New York Giants as they beat the Jets last night 22-16, in what has been a series of bad special teams, penalties, and big plays given up by the defense. Sam Darnold got the start with the first team in what was the usual dress rehearsal for the green and white and in the beginning it went fairly well as they were able to drive down the field and come away with the first points of the game thanks to a touchdown run by Bilal Powell. The defense started off great too as they were able to force a three and out on the Giants opening drive, rookie Saquon Barkley didn’t play as the Giants didn’t want him to get hurt before opening day. It would start to go downhill from there as the Giants capitalized on Jets mistakes, including a punt returned for a touchdown by the Giants. Defense would rise to the occasion as Leonard Williams would force a fumble on running back Gallman and the Jets offense would score a touchdown.

Sam Darnold would finish the day completing just 8 passes out of 16 attempts for 86 yards and a touchdown in what was mostly a bunch a short passes but he looked calm and cool in the pocket and completed a bunch of check downs to avoid a sack. What really impressed me the most was the touchdown pass to Terrelle Pryor as he was coming on a cross route and Darnold made a pump fake before eventually throwing to him. Teddy Bridgewater continued to be consistent throughout the preseason as he had another solid performance, completing 11 of his passes from 15 attempts for 104 yards.

Penalties were one of the other problems for the Jets as they committed 13 penalties fo 108 yards, a couple of them came from the offense as Tomlinson had 2 false starts, Qvale had a holding call on him, and defense had a bunch a couple pass interference calls against them as well. These were the problems that have occurred throughout preseason and they need to correct it before the opener. Another major problem was that the defense gave up a bunch of big plays, most coming from Buster Skrine who continues to have a drop off, and the lack of a pass rush gave Manning enough time to sling it. I give them the benefit of the doubt because the Giants offense likes to have to throw it quick. But without a true pass rush, the Jets defense will have a tough time getting off the field and “New Jack City” will not live up to the hype. The linebackers have also did a terrible job obscuring the tight ends and running backs from the back field.

There was some good from this game as the defense didn’t allow a touchdown and the Jets running backs showed how amazing they can be with their elusive running. I believe that Crowell and Powell and provide the power and speed combo the Jets haven’t seen since Chris Ivory has been on the team. Also Darnold and Bridgewater continue to make their case on why they should be the starters, but if I were the Jets I would not start him week 1 as he still needs some things to correct like his arm strength and foot work. I still think that the tight ends need to do a better job getting separation from linebackers and the Jets need to add another offensive lineman because they can’t go into week 1 with Brent Qvale who has been a disappointment throughout the preseason. 

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