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Predicting the Jets Week 1 Starting Quarterback by Kevin Lidlow

Training camp is about three weeks away and the Jets have some decisions to make, one of which is to decide who is going to be the starting quarterback for week 1 against the Lions on Monday night. Is it going to be the old vet, the young future franchise QB, or the QB trying to make a comeback? Head Coach Todd Bowles said that McCown will be the starting QB for week 1 but with the way the other two guys have been looking so far, how can you not start leaning towards the other direction? Well to start it off, the starting quarterback should be a guy that feels the most comfortable with the offense and has the command of the huddle. In that case, I give the advantage to Josh McCown because he has been here and knows the offense to an extent. Although Bridgewater and Darnold have looked really good in minicamp, It was only minicamp and they haven’t played in full pads where the defenses are really flying. Bowles likes going with experience, but he also acknowledges the potential in Darnold and that it could help the team but at the same time you don’t want to give him too much on his plate. Teddy Bridgewater has also impressed the coaching staff as well and considering he has been out of playing football for almost two years, it brings music to their ears. But is his knee good enough to withstand a hit? 

The Jets will probably go with the safe bet and select McCown has the week 1 starter for the 2018 season, unless either Darnold or Bridgewater really shine. It’s going to be an interesting year for the Jets and when training camp opens on July 26, our questions will be answered. Personally I am happy with one of the three and looking forward to see what they can do with the pads on but you have to go with experience in this case and McCown can provide that for you as they try to develop the third overall pick and they could possibly trade Bridgewater if he is looking tremendous and his knee is 100%. 

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