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Fly Eagles Fly on the Road to Not Trump’s Street by Ryan Neal

By now we know the Eagles were uninvited to their White House visit by President Donald Trump which was schedule for June 5th. There’s so much wrong with this situation and once again it seems like the Philadelphia Eagles are underdog in a fight against President Trump and the White House. Firstly, the Eagles were only going to be sending a select few to the event, with new reports indicating just Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles was the only confirmed player. However, even with that aside, the White House released a statement implying the Eagles were skipping the event because of their views on the National Anthem. Keep in mind, the Eagles were just one of seven teams to not kneel during the anthem this season. President Trump later that night tweeted that he’ll have a Celebration of America instead. In that same statement he told the Eagles to stop hiding in the locker room, which he confused with the other NFL team in Pennsylvania. This story doesn’t end here, the media tried to frame the Eagles as a team that kneeled which isn’t true and once again, the White House released another statement blaming the Eagles for the problem and stating they are letting down their fans. The whole problem with this situation is how it’s being painted. The Eagles are the bad guys when in reality they are one of the best in the league when it comes to making a change to their community. Malcolm Jenkins has worked with the league, the state and the U.S. Government all for various causes he believes in which includes the anthem in the NFL as well as criminal justice reform. Chris Long played for free this season and donated all his salary to charity, as well as participating in a lot of other charitable causes. Carson Wentz has done bits with his charity, Rodney McLeod is hosting a camp for under privileged kids, Jalen Mills is hosting a charity softball game and there’s a lot more to list, we’d be here all day. To save time, the Eagles have been very active off the field. For the White House and President Trump to paint the Eagles as an Anti-American is shameful, disgraceful and as President Trump would say, “fake news.” It’s not fair for a team that has given and continues to give as much effort off the field as on it to be played the way the Eagles are. When it comes down to it, the Eagles did not want to go. Like the Golden State Warriors last season, the Eagles should have just not accepted the invite. Now, the Eagles we’re beat to it by President Trump and are in a war with the White House. As the Eagles are trying to kick start their repeat campaign, they are already in a game against the White House and the President. The Eagles would rather not be in the media the way they are, however, the best thing they could do is continue to avoid it and focus on the season ahead. Of course the White House and President will likely continue their attack, the Eagles need to keep grounded. For now, the Eagles fans know what is really going on. Do the Eagles need to clear their name? No, if you know you know and the Eagles and their fans know what’s really going on. They can make it seem like the Eagles are against the National Anthem and anti American, but that’s not the truth. President Trump is not doing anything but defending his own views while not being open or listening to the Eagles are anyone else really.  

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