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2018 NFL Schedule Release: Jets Face Challenges Early and Often by Kevin Lidlow

From what we saw in the offseason, the Jets are looking to make the next big step as they look to make their way back to being competitive again and with the draft next week, there is plenty enough to be excited about as a Jets fan. But with all the reports going on today, it looks like we need to take a step back and come to reality because the Jets 2018 schedule came out tonight and it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

Breaking this schedule down, they have two primetime games within the first three weeks of the season. They open monday night against the Detroit Lions in Detroit, then are home against the Miami Dolphins, and going to Cleveland for a thursday night matchup against the new and improved Browns. I mean this is ridiculous to say the least, the Jets will have a short week in back to back to back weeks. Todd Bowles is going to be put to the test as he tries to get his team prepared in a short amount of time. After all of that, they head to Jacksonville before coming back home to face the Broncos in week 5 and they don’t have a bye till week 11. 

If that wasn’t hard enough, they will be on the road three out of the five games ( two of them are division games), and heading to Tennessee to take on the Titans. They will eventually have two back to back home games against the Packers and Texans before heading to New England to wrap up the regular season. The Titans have a much improved secondary after signing Malcolm Butler and have a new running back in Dio Lewis. New England lost a lot of key players but it’s still the Patriots, Bills are probably going to take a step back this season but will still be competitive, and Packers and Texans are still a competitive team. 

Talk about a reality check, the Jets will have a tough time in the 2018 season and without a doubt coach Todd Bowles will be put to the test as he has to mentally and physically prepare his team. They have the talent now it’s time that he takes this team to the next level. From what we have been hearing during the beginning of the voluntary workouts, the players looked energized and focused to be a better and competitive team. I’m looking forward to seeing how this team will look on the field.  

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