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  • Kevin Lidlow

Scouting Report: Josh Rosen QB UCLA

My scouting report articles return this week and because of the big trade the Jets made this passed weekend, it seems more likely that they can get the player they want. This week I am looking at UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen. He is 6’4”, 220 LBS and is a fun player to watch during the 2017. If you watched the comeback game against Texas A&M, you saw him staying calm and making throws that an elite quarterback would make. He is a very sizeable quarterback with a big arm but what worries me the most is that he is a junior, However if the Jets were to pick him he would have plenty of time to develop and learn from McCown and Bridgewater.

Rosen had a down year throwing 26 TDs and 10 interceptions, but had a completion rating of 62.6. He has a great sense of awareness, showing off coordination with his feet and keeps his eyes down the field. When facing pressure, he has completed 63 percent of his throws in 2017, and that’s because he trusts his protection in the pocket and is not afraid to stand in the pocket and deliver the necessary throws. He also has good usage of fake passes and hitches to give his receivers more time to get open. I think with the talent that would be surrounded around him if he was picked by the Jets would help develop him.

My biggest concern with him is that he is really injury prone. He missed majority of the 2016 season because of a shoulder injury and has taken way too many hits throughout his college career. Another improvement he has to make is to learn to throw the ball away and keep the possession, He has been known to throw the ball into double coverages and tight windows, you can say he is a little bit of a gun slinger. There have been some criticism about his low completion percentage but most of them came from drops of his receivers.

Although he is a junior, he will have a year to develop if he was picked by the Jets because of McCown and Bridgewater. I believe that Rosen is a little similar to Eli Manning, because they both can had touch to the ball and their timing is almost perfection. If he stays healthy enough, he can be the franchise difference that can turn this New York Jets team around and be the quarterback we have so desperately been looking for years.

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