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NFL Free Agency List: The Big 3 Names to Watch

Although talking about the Philadelphia Eagles winning Super Bowl 52 never gets old, free agency is the topic in this article. Some very big names are set to test free agent waters, and it’s only fair we speculate.

Three free agents will be written about. We will touch on their strengths and of course their predicted landing spots. After free agency, it’ll be interesting to see how accurate this piece was or wasn’t. 

  1. Jarvis Landry 

Jarvis Landry is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Landry has caught over 40-passes every single year of his career, on top of that the LSU product is as durable as they come - he has never missed a game. 

Landry can be an upgrade to any offense in the league, so naturally many teams will try to attain the reliable receiver. The Washington Redskins have plenty of money to spend, and new quarterback Alex Smith will need the team to upgrade his receiving core to be successful in the NFC East. Plus, Smith likes quick throws, and Landry can be quite damaging when he gets the ball in space.

The Chicago Bears too have a money to improve their roster. Mitch Trubsiky will be going into his second year and could sure use better receivers than he had last year. The Bears have a very good offensive line, running game, and young quarterback - a receiver like Landry could take them to the next level.

Here is the team Landry will be on - the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers just paid their quarterback of the future and hopeful savior Jimmy Garoppolo. He and the 49ers desperately need a reliable receiver and Landry obviously fits that mold. 

Last year, Landry had nine-touchdowns if he goes to San Fran that may double. 

2. Le'Veon Bell

What team wouldn’t be interested in arguably the best running back in the game? More teams than you would think. Le'Veon Bell is supremely talented, but he comes across as a total diva who puts his needs ahead of his team’s needs. 

Bell has threatened to retire if the Pittsburgh Steelers dare franchise tag him again. It’s clear that this ultra talented football player is after the big pay day, leaving the Steelers isn’t his first choice, but it may happen. 

Bell had almost 1,300-yards on over 300-carries and nine-touchdowns last season. Any team that adds Bell will become a versatile offense. 

Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions need a dependable running back and the team has flexibility this off season, Bell could help this offense take off.

Bell would be even more effective with a quarterback who can run the ball himself. Marcus Mariota would flourish next to the Michigan State product, and it appears the Tennessee Titans will cut ties with running back Demarco Murray which will open this possibility up. 

Bell leaving Pittsburgh seems unlikely, but because he is in it for the money anything can happen. 

3. Kirk Cousins 

Kirk Cousins is a very good quarterback. He could take a team to the playoffs and maybe even get some wins. His past Skins’ teams have been missing pieces and the teams’ lack of playoff success isn’t all on his shoulders.

The New York Jets need a quarterback, and it was reported that the team would be willing to give him a fully guaranteed contract, like an NBA one. That’s hard to turn down so the Jets may have just put themselves in the top spot to land Cousins.

The Jets surprised many last season, competing in every single game. Landing a quarterback like Cousins could put them in playoff contention. 

The Denver Broncos need a quarterback, badly. They still have an elite defense and fairly good weapons on offense, but their team is aging - therefore their window is closing. Cousins could make this team a Super Bowl contender, but he would be under a lot of pressure is he chooses Denver. 

Cousins doesn’t mind and takes his talents to the Broncos. 

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