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Jets Scouting Report: Josh Allen by Kevin Lidlow

The offseason is nearly approaching but for the Jets, it should already be under way. They are projected to enter the free agency market with over $100 million of cap space and will be active, so what about the draft? They are picking at number 6 for back to back years and are currently 2-0 when drafting talent at 6, when they drafted Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams, they both have impacted this team very well. So who will they take? And will this player have the same impact? The Jets will have numerous of players at six and for the duration of the off season I will be scouting players that will possibly be available for the gang and green.

The first player I will be scouting is a quarterback that’s name has been used around the organization, Josh Allen from the university of Wyoming. At 6 foot 5 233 pounds, He threw for 16 touchdowns and 6 interceptions for 1812 yards, and completed 56 percent of his passes. Not a great year for Allen, especially when he battled injuries throughout the year, but nonetheless he is one of the best QB’s in this years draft and has plenty of upsides as well as his downsides. Allen has the frame/arm strength as Joe Flacco and is more athletic than Carson Wentz. He ran the same offensive system as Wentz in college so that will benefit in the pros.

Although he has a lot of upsides, he has plenty of downsides as well. He needs to learn to not force so many passes and take some underneath. He lacks efficiency and needs to display more touch on his throws, as well as improving his ball placement in the quick passing game. Also, when he drops back to pass he doesn’t set his feet, nevertheless he throws inaccurately. If he improves on that, his accuracy will improve drastically.

Overall, I believe that Allen will be available at 6 for the Jets but he is more of a project and needs to be developed properly for the year. I suspect the Jets will bring in a veteran QB and be the bridge for a year.  

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