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  • Daniel Farr

Battle of the Birds and NFC Powerhouses

In the biggest game of the weekend, Philadelphia (10-1) flies to the Pacific Northwest to face a desperate Seattle (7-4) team.

Not only will the Eagles have to play in dreadfully loud CenturyLink Field, but they will be facing one of the most hungry teams in the NFL. If the playoffs started now, the Seahawks would be on the outside looking in. The Los Angeles Rams are leading their NFC West division while the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons are manning the wildcard spots.

For about two seasons now, Seattle has been unable to find a consistent run game and they will not find it this week. The Eagles have the best run defense in the NFL allowing 65 rushing yards per game.

Not having a run game is something the Seahawks and MVP candidate Russell Wilson have adapted to. Wilson is arguably a top three quarterback in the game right now, and nobody extends plays like he can.

Wilson will lead the Seahawks in rushing this weekend, the Eagles must contain him because he will drop back 40-60 times on Sunday night, but many of those drop backs will turn into rushing attempts for the elusive Wilson.

For the Eagles on defense, containing Wilson and not letting him run wild will be the key to getting the win. Luckily, the Eagles see pretty athletic quarterback in practice everyday - MVP frontrunner Carson Wentz.

On offense, the Eagles must control the time of possession like they’ve been doing all season long. This means they must establish a running game early on and not wait till the second half to commit to it.

Last week the Eagles had a fumbling problem, they must be more secure with the football against this depleted yet still talented ball hawking defense.

Wentz has been very safe with the ball this year - throwing 28-touchdowns to five interceptions. If the offense controls the clock and takes care of the ball, they will come out 11-1 and become NFC East champions.

Although Seattle is banged up expect a competitive low scoring game, but Eagles win 17-6.

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