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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets lose tough one to AFC east rival Patriots

After jumping a 14 to 0 lead over the rival New England Patriots, the New York Jets were silenced for the rest of the game as they lose to the Pats 24-17. A couple of things to take away from this game, one is that if you don’t put pressure on Tom Brady and you give him an opportunity he will make you pay for it. Another is that the refs in this game were just completely horrendous, they made some pretty bad calls that just make you want to rip your hair out and throw your TV out of the window (everyday Jets fans).

Josh McCown started the game off great as he drove the Jets down the field and scoring on their first two drives of the game, One touchdown went to Austin Seferian-Jenkins and the other was to Jeremy Kerley. Then everything started going down the drain as McCown threw two interceptions, one was before the end of the first half, when the Jets got the ball back after a missed field goal by Gostkowski. Then Brady drives down the field to tie the game up at 14 before the end of the 2nd quarter. ASJ finished the game with 8 catches for 46 yards and a touchdown, he would’ve had a second one that would’ve tied the game up at 21 but it was called back because he apparently fumbled the ball and lost control of it while crossing the plane, which counted as a turnover. If you watched the replay, ASJ clearly fumbled but controlled it before crossing the plane, and the side judge that signalled a touchdown saw it with his two eyes. Jermaine Kearse finished the game with 4 catches with 79 yards and Anderson finished with 4 catches for 76 yards. Josh McCown had to throw 47 times because the running game was awful .

I said during my preview article that the Jets had to put pressure on Brady, and they didn’t even record a single sack against him, although there were times where he was pressured. Buster Skrine recorded an interception but Gronkowski had two touchdown catches though. I give Jamal Adams a lot of credit as he hung in there against Gronk and there was a particular play where he had good coverage on him but was called for pass interference in the red zone, but again when you watch the replay it shows that Gronk was actually grabbing Jamals face mask and pushing him off (Another bad call by the refs). Overall the defense after getting off to a good start was horrendous in the second half.

This was a game where the Jets should’ve won the game and yes I’m saying that because if you watched the game, you would see that they had some times where they dominated the patriots defense, but the refs made some really bad calls and the Jets couldn’t adjust to anything. So now they are 3-3 in third place of the division and will play the Miami Dolphins next week.

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