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John's Daily Fantasy: Week 6

So week 5 I can sum up with two words… Big Ben! I went all in with Rothlisberger thinking he would have one of his better games… Well, needless to say we got the opposite. Even with no points from Ben and no points from our tight and spot with Engram, we still finished just out of the money in a few of the polls I was in. We are going to get back on track in week 6.

It starts at the quarterback position. Give me Jameis Winston 7800. Arizona got torched last week against the Eagles and I think that's going to be a theme going forward. Jameis had a Sneaky good game against the Patriots and average is a very solid 19 FDP per game. I think he could do the little bit better than that this week.

At running back give me Kareem Hunt 9300. He is expensive but good. The Steelers got run over by a rookie running back last week and I see it happening with this rookie running back this week. Hunt has become a Fantasy force and I think he could play at least to his 23.9 FDP per game average this week.

At the second spot for running back give me Elijah McGuire 5700. Elijah is going to carry the load against the Patriots this week. I am gambling a little that the Jets can at least keep this a formidable game. Anytime the Pats and Jets get together you either get a Pats blowout or down to the wire game… I'm gambling that it somewhere in the middle.

My first wide receiver I'm going to go with Mike Evans 8100. Winston gets his favorite target. Evans is solid week in and week out. I think you could put up some big numbers.

My second wide receiver will be DeAndre Hopkins 8000. Hopkins has been trending up and I love his 16.8 FDP per game average. I think you could play above that this week home vs the Browns.

My third receiver will be Jamison Crowder. Crowder is off to a very slow start but I think he gets back in track this week. He is a bit of a risk/reward guy here but I think Washington needs to get him more involved in the offense.

At TE there are actually two players I like. The one I'm going to go with his Hunter Henry 5400. The Raiders defense is suspect and I think Henry will get some red zone targets. The other guy I like here would be Ryan Griffin at 4500. Sneaky pick against a D that struggles covering the TE.

At kicker, Brandon McManus 4900 Sunday night football! The Giants are clearly a disaster and I think Denver could roll it up on them this week. McManus Could put up double-digit points.

For my Defense. I have a feeling this will be a popular pick this week. But give me the Broncos 5400. The Giants literally have no wide receivers, very little running game and a poor offensive line. I will take Von Miller and the no-fly zone.

So that is Winston 7800, Hunt 9300, McGuire, 5700, Evans 8100, Hopkins 8000, Crowder 5400, Henry 5400, McManus 4900, Denver 5400.

That leaves me 0 of my 60,000 cap.

I hope this lineup keep you in the money!

Other players I like.

DeShaun Watson 7900 vs Browns

Ingram 5900 Kamara 5800 vs Lions

Will Fuller 6000 vs Browns

D. Jackson 6400 @ Arizona

All the Denver Broncos

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