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Giants are 0-4 and Need Nothing Less than a Miracle by Vincent Zahler

"Do you believe in Miracles!?" - Al Michaels For most people who follow sports the answer is yes, but in the case of the miracle needed to salvage the 2017 New York Giants season, no one is a believer. After another heartwrenching last play loss the Giants are now 0-4 and about the face another desperately team before embarking on a rough stretch of games. The dust has settled after this latest potentially season ending defeat and outside of Eli Manning's recent resurgence as well as the tweaks done to the offensive line paying off, there's little to nothing positive to take from the current situation. Over the last two weeks, there isn't much more we could ask from Eli or even the offensive line for that matter. Suddenly, it's everything else. Just as the offense is taking off, the defense is collapsing and being gassed was not a suitable excuse against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers considering that Giants won the time of possession battle by 10 minutes. It's not just the defense, this has extended to the special teams. The punter Brad Wing has been hampered by shanks the last two weeks, and the return game has been non-existent. While the offense has come to life, it still has been loaded with blatant issues. The much talked up receiving corp has been dropping passes almost regularly. Especially in the case of Brandon Marshall but even Odell Beckham has had more than his share of easy drops. Even though the offensive line has shown a dramatic turnaround, the running game still struggles and the Giants have had to give rookie running back Wayne Gallman a shot and had rather surprisingly decent result. Still, the running game for the Giants leaves much to be desired. After the first 2 weeks of the season, the defense was the star and now it can't stop anyone. For the last 2 weeks, the Eagles and Buccaneers had their way with the Giants defense. Gashing the defensive line in the running game with far from elite backs in LaGarret Blount and Jacquizz Rodgers, and picking on a struggling Eli Apple in the passing game. What happened? Also, does it even matter at this point with the Giants being 0-4? Is it already time to consider tanking? It's admittedly difficult to even be excited for the upcoming matchup between Eli and the guy he was traded for, Philip Rivers. Eli has never beat Rivers head to head and this could very well be his last chance. If the Giants finally manage to get a win this week over another winless team, it won't change much in terms of the postseason chances. A win would be nice to watch but to most a 1-4 record won't fuel much optimism among Giants fans. Unless of course, you believe in Miracles. 

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