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John Hazelet's Daily Fantasy: Week 2

Well in week one I didn't knock it out of the park but we did finish in the money! Let's try to step it up a notch in week 2.

At QB give me Tom Brady for 9200 @ New Orleans. Brady had a terrible week one but traditionally, he doesn't have his best games against the Chiefs. I'm betting he bounces back against a sub-par defense that just made Sam Bradford look like Joe Montana. I can see 20 to 25 points out of Brady this week for sure.

Other QB’s to consider: Russell Wilson 8100, Carson Palmer 7500, Jameis Winston 7800 It’s a trap: Derek Carr 8300. I think the Raiders will be up early and Carr will not be throwing the ball in the 4th quarter.

At RB I'm going to ride the hot hand of Kareem Hunt for 7800 vs the Eagles. Now let’s be careful, people are going to overbuy on Hunt this week. I think he will be used a lot in lineups. So I definitely like getting him into a few but I don't like come to put up a 40 burger like he did last week. Think 20 to 25 points for Kareem.

At my second running back spot I'm going to take another hot hand Dalvin Cook 6700 @ Pittsburgh. I am on record as saying Cook will be the best running back to come out of this draft when we look back at this draft class. If you watch him Monday night, the Vikings are basically using him as a three down back… A bell cow. I love this guy. I can see 100+ yards on the ground 30 to 50 yards in the air and a touchdown or two against Pittsburgh. 6700 to me is cheap!

Other RB’s to consider: Melvin Gordon 7600, Mark Ingram 6200

It’s a trap: Jacquizz Rodgers 6600. Rodgers big games last season came mostly while Charles Sims was inactive. Look for Sims to have a role on Sunday.

My first wide receiver position I'm going to go with Chris Hogan 6200 at New Orleans. I wanted to have a receiver to match up with Brady and Hogan is my guy. The popular play with Brady is going to be Cooks returning to New Orleans but being Hogan didn't have a great game last week, I see this as a bounce back for him. I think 100 yards and a touchdown…

My second wide receiver is Mike Evans 8500 against the Bears. Evans to me is one of the best wide receivers in the game and I like him this week against the Bears defense that struggled last week against Atlanta. I can see Evans with 10 catches 125 yards and a touchdown. Strong play!

My third wide receiver is going to be Stephon Diggs 6500 @ Pittsburgh. Again I'm riding the hot hand here. Digs is at a price where he should be used pretty often so I won't over play him and a lot of lineups but I do want him in a few. So give me Diggs for 6500.

Other WR’s to consider: Amari Cooper 7900, Doug Baldwin 7600, Tyreek Hill 7200 It’s a trap: T.Y. Hilton 7200: Without his starting QB Hilton will be out of Luck on Sunday. (Pun intended)

At TE I'm going to use a guy I used last week who had a pretty good game. Austin Hooper 5500 against Green Bay. Hooper last week went for 128 yards and a touchdown. Not sure he gets a similar amount of yards but I could see him being targeted more often, especially in the red zone. I love him at 5500.

Other TE’s to consider: Rob Gronkowski 8100, Cameron Brate 5300.

It’s a trap: Jesse James 5400: He is coming off of a big week 1 but has a bad matchup vs the Vikings.

My kicker is going to be Matt Bryant 5000 at home against the Packers on Sunday night. I told you last week I love the Sunday night kickers when they are home. Bryant is one of my favorites to use. Strong play this week for sure.

Rounding it out with my defense @ 4500 I'm going to take Tampa Bay. I had a few other thoughts for defenses. Arizona was one of them. The Rams who I knocked it out of the park with last week was also a consideration. But I like the value we get with Tampa at 4500. I think they can get to the quarterback. I think they could force some turnovers and I think they could score on special teams and that's all I ask for in a defense. To sum it up... Brady 9200 Hunt 7800 Cook 6700 Hogan 6200 Evans 8500 Diggs 6500 Hooper 5500 Matt Bryant 5000 Tampa Bay 4500

Hoping this lineup puts you in the money!! @johnhazelet475 

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