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John's Daily Fantasy: Week 1 by John Hazelet

Let me start by saying this… Week one and two are probably the hardest weeks when it comes to daily fantasy. You're still looking at preseason predictions and there are just so many choices… I think I put together a lineup that can help you this week… Let's get started! If you are familiar with our show or my article from last year, you know I like to choose my defense in my kicker first when making a lineup on Fanduel. Keep in mind our Budget is 60,000. When considering a defense this week my first inclination was to go with the Buffalo Bills for 4700… They are playing the Jets and it's well-documented that the Jets will not be a very good team this year. However, as soon as I heard that Andrew Luck was ruled out officially I switched my thinking to the Rams at 4600. When I pick a defense I look for three things. The ability to get to the quarterback, the ability to keep the score low and the possibility to score on special teams… I like the Rams for all three categories this week. Anytime a Wade Phillips defense is going up against A sub par back up quarterback… I'll take Wade Phillips… So my choice here is Rams 4600. The next position I like to choose is the kicker. When choosing the kicker, I'd like a big leg either at home or in a dome if possible. This week I really like Dan Bailey from the Cowboys at 4900. A little more than I usually like to spend on a kicker but I like the fact that he's home and I like the fact they're playing a division rival in what should be a pretty close game. So my choice here… Dan Bailey 4900. Now that my kicker and defense are satisfied it's time to move to the skilled positions. I'm going to take my quarterback now. I like someone who obviously has ability to score against their opponent, has decent core of receivers to throw to and the possibility to use their legs to get me points. I think there's a few of these guys out there this week. The one that sticks out the most to me is going to be Matt Ryan 8500. Now Matt probably isn't going to get me a lot of points with his legs. But I like the arsenal he has to throw to against the Chicago defense. There's other guys I would consider. Cam Newton being one Jamison Winston being another pending the weather in Florida… But I'm going to take Matt Ryan 8500 for my QB. Once I pick a QB my next goal is to find a player to pair him with. The easy choice here would be to look at wide receiver her and add Julius Jones but you're paying 9000 for him… So what I'm gonna do is go with a cheaper player at a position I really don't like to spend a lot of money on… I'm going to take Austin Hooper as my tight end for 4700. When I pick tight ends I usually want a guy who can catch a few passes in the red zone. I think Cooper is a player on the come this year and I'm going to gamble that he has a good week one. So for my TE it's Austin Hooper for 4700. Those four players leave me with a balance of 37,300 or 7,460 on average to pick my last 5 players. Now I'm gonna look at my RB's. RB's are the key to any fantasy team. I want to add one at a decent price and one I'm willing to splurge on. In this case my guy with the decent price is going to be Christian McCaffrey for 6500. I don't make it a habit of picking rookies early in the season but I will make an exception for McCaffrey. I think this kid will see the ball very often and I like his ability to break one for a score. I am a little weary about Jonathan Stewart stealing some touches especially by the goal line but I feel comfortable that McCaffrey will get enough touches to put up some points. So my first RB is going to be Christian McCaffrey 6500. Before I pick my next running back, I'm going to move over to the wide receiver category. With wide receivers I want guys who are going to get targets and guys who can give me some yards after the catch. The guy I would really like to take is Mike Evans however I will shy away due to the impending hurricane. I'm gonna go with Alshon Jeffrey at 7000. I love the Eagles pick up of this guy and I love that he's playing for a contract. I think he will make an immediate impact and put up some points this week. So give me Jeffrey for 7000. I'm going to stay at the wide receiver position and I want to take one of the premier players at the position. Give me Antonio Brown for 9100. Clearly, Brown is a top three player at this position if not the top guy. He's going to touch the ball early and often and I'm not scared of him being double covered because I don't think double coverage is enough… So I will roll with Antonio Brown 9100 as the second of my three wide receivers. I'm going to jump back to the running back position and again I want to take one of the top guys. Ideally I would love to take Zeke Elliot here but obviously there some question marks concerning him being suspended. I can consider Devonta Freeman, Bell, or David Johnson… I’m going to go with Johnson for 9400 not only because he's a beast but I've already used two players from Atlanta and one player from the Steelers. I don't like to double down on skill position players from the same team unless I think those players will be on the right end of an absolute blowout. So David Johnson 9400 is my running back. I am now left with 5300 for my last spot which is my third wide receiver. Scrolling through the salaries and the players in this price range there are actually a few I really like. This is a good spot for Taylor Gabriel, Paul Richardson, Robbie Anderson, Kendall Wright, or even John Ross (if healthy). I could make an argument for all of these players at this spot but the one I'm going to go with is going to be Kendall Wright at 5200. I think the Bears will be behind in this game and have to throw the ball out of necessity. Wright should be playing the slot for Chicago and should see his fair share of targets. My hope is that he gets some garbage time points and puts up double digits at least. So to recap my lineup for this week… Matt Ryan 8500 Christian McCaffrey 6500 David Johnson 9400 Alshon Jeffrey 7000 Antonio Brown 9100 Kendall Wright 5200 Austin Hooper 4700 Dan Bailey 4900 and the Los Angeles Rams 4600. I have $100 left over from my 60,000 budget. Hopefully this lineup is good enough to keep you in the money! 

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