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Brandon's Best Bets by Brandon Turner

It’s 2017. Hurricanes are crashing on our shores weekly, the nations divided by politics, and Game of Thrones has wrapped up. What a time for the return of the Nation’s favorite escape. What a time for the return of the National Football League, and if the NFL is back that means betting is back and I’m here to help lead you through another lucrative season. All lines from Bovada.

New England Patriots (-9) vs Kansas City Chiefs Starting the season off bold. The first game of the season is a tricky one but who wants to wait till the weekend to finally start betting. So if were betting on this game were going with New England. You’re crazy! The Chiefs defense won’t let this turn into a blowout. Brady is missing Edelman and another year older. I understand, I hate the Patriots like nothing else and would love to see them take a step back but Belichek and crew have been preparing for this for months, and they love to run up the score. The Chiefs defense is prone to giving up big plays and simply isn’t the same D they once were.

New York Jets (+9) at Buffalo Bills Yes the Jets are rebuilding. No they aren’t very good, especially on offense. Nine points though. NINE POINTS. Man, that is tough for a Bills team that seems to want to match the Jets tanking efforts by shipping away its CB and young star receiver. The Bills will probably win, but I have a hard time picturing how Tyrod Taylor, who just got back to regular practice after battling concussions, missing his favorite weapon, and vs this Jets defense, will put up the numbers needed to cover this spread. I’ve seen analysts who think this will be the upset of the week, much less the Bills blowing it out. Take the Jets and the points and savor it because we won’t be betting on them much this season.

Cincinnati Bengals (-3) vs Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco just got back to practice and this Cincinnati team has pooled some impressive offensive talent. This game will be won in the trenches and be close but I’m banking on a last second touchdown by A.J. Green to help us cover the spread.

Los Angeles Rams (-4) vs Indianapolis Colts The new coaching staff for L.A. is impressive. Wade Phillips will have that already impressive Rams defense humming. Throw into the mix Scott Tolzien manning the ship for the Colts and you got a recipe for a lot of short fields for Jared Goff and maybe even some defensive points for the Rams. It won’t be a blowout but they should be able to cover the spread.. 

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