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Hackenberg looking to work his way up the roster

Christian Hackenberg who was redshirted last year, is looking to work his way up the roster in the upcoming season and hopefully get the starting role. The former second round draft pick in 2016 was redshirted during his rookie season but is feeling pretty confident going into his sophomore year. "Without a doubt, I think there's a different level of confidence, but I think that also goes back to Year 2 -- more comfortable in the situation, more comfortable walking in the building, more comfortable with the guys in the locker room, in the huddle," Hackenberg said. (The New York Post). I always believed in this guy and that he was going to be the biggest surprise, so I am looking forward to see him progress in this upcoming year.

Hackenberg will compete with Josh Mccown and Bryce Petty for the starting role gig. McCown is the favorable starter going into the season but giving his injury prone history, we will likely see one of the two quarterbacks behind him on the field. Hackenberg was only active for one game last year and spent much of the season as the team’s fourth string quarterback, so he wasn’t given that many reps. But even with the lack of reps, he believes that he has improved as a quarterback.

Although I would love to see him play, the Jets need to find out if he can play, we will expect to see the Penn State product a lot in 2017 and progress as the quarterback that we all know he can be.

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