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  • Kevin Lidlow

Breaking the Mold: 20 Years Without a 1st Round Trade Down

There has been reports that the New York Jets are looking to trade down in the draft to get more picks in this year’s or next years draft. General Manager Mike Maccagnan has mentioned several times that he is trying to actively trade down from the number 6 spot, so this comes as a surprise to no-one. The Jets haven’t done something like this since 1997, where Bill Parcells moved down not once, but twice from No. 1 to No. 6 then to No. 8, where he picked up James Farrior and a handful of additional picks that turned out to be role player for this team. So what are the chances that they might break the streak this year? Not very good.

This is a very talented rich draft not only in the first round, but also in the second and third. Teams would not be obligated to trade up, unless you are a team that is in need of a quarterback like the Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals. The only problem with that is that the Jets have been exploring options at the top quarterbacks, so if you’re a fan you have to believe that one of those teams might trade up to grab a signal caller of their choice before the Jets.

Another reason is that out of all the prospects which one in the top 10 is a must have? This draft class is so deep that even if you don’t get a guy in the first round, you still have the second and third to grab an impactful player. Todd McShay of Espn said, “ Why would I move up for Jamal Adams and give away picks, when I can get Malik Hooker? Why would I move up for Jonathan Allen or Solomon Thomas, when I can keep my second-round pick and get the other guy? There are too many players with similar grades for teams to trade up." (ESPN)

All and all the Jets might have a player that they really like at No. 6 because they will probably end up being stuck there. Nobody is going to want to trade up to that spot, in fact this might be one of those years that we might not see a lot of trade ups or downs in this draft year.

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