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  • Craig Gorbunoff

What Meeting With David Njoku Might Really Mean

It was reported yesterday via NFL Trade Rumors and ESPN that one of the top TE prospects David Njoku from Miami had canceled his meeting with the New York Giants and instead had opted for a meeting with the New York Jets. During his two year college career at Miami he caught 64 receptions for 1,060 yards and nine touchdowns. There are many 1st round teams interested in Njoku but his meeting with the Jets is very intriguing for any Jet fan curious in their draft position.

At their current slot at number 6 they pretty much have their choice of some of this years draft’s top talent. While studs like Myles Garrett, Solomon Thomas, and Jamal Adams most likely won’t be there, they are still looking at potential players such as Leonard Fournette, Malike Hooker, OJ Howard, Deshaun Watson, or even Mitchell Trubisky. However the Jets are a team with so many holes that I believe trading back would be their best option. TE is a huge need and many mock drafts have them taking one of my favorite prospects in years O.J. Howard. This being said I believe Njoku is still a supreme talent at the position and can be acquired in the teens positions of the draft. There are certainly teams in that slot who may want to jump up to get their ideal QB or any other position.

This could just all be rumor, it could simply be speculation, but I believe it shows the Jets draft strategy that they will try to trade down in this draft. They weren’t very aggressive in Free Agency, and need some quality players to help build the confidence of this team and this fan base. While the Jets may not be drafting David Njoku come April 27th, he certainly is a possibility should this team be able to trade down.

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