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Introducing the new offensive cooridnator for the New York Jets John Morton

After a long couple months, the New York Jets have finally hired an OC and this one has a pretty nice track record. His name is John Morton, he has worked under not only Sean Payton, but also Jim Harbaugh, and Jon Gruden. He began his coaching career in Oakland and spent four seasons under Gruden. He then went on to work with Sean Payton for three seasons, five years with Harbaugh in both college and NFL, and he held an offensive coordinator post at USC under Pete Carroll.

Recently with the Saints, Morton mentored a wide receiver corp that featured Brandin Cooks, Michael Thomas, and Willie Snead. Thomas, a rookie from Ohio State, led the Saints with 92 receptions and 9 receiving TDs last season while amassing 1,137 receiving yards. Cooks has averaged 81 receptions the past two seasons and 1,156 yards and he combined for 17 receiving TDs. And in his first two pro years, Snead contributed 141 receptions, 1,879 yards receiving and 7 receiving TDs. Working on Sean Payton’s staff, Morton helped New Orleans finish No. 1 in passing in both years. He also helped wide receiver Michael Crabtree that helped him haul in a career high 1,105 yards receiving and a personal best 9 TDs.

He has a really good track record, and as the OC I think he will not only create an offense that might not only help the young quarterbacks that they have but also the young wide receivers as well. He is going to have a 5 step plan to build an offense that will install a quarterback friendly system, teach and develop, create balance, bring back the tight end, and re-establish the play action. Teach and develop the young guys like Robby Anderson, Jalin Marshall, and Charone Peake. They also need to bring back the tight end. Young Quarterbacks like Bryce Petty needs a solid security blanket to help him develop, plus they need to have a good running game that would allow the play action to take in effect. That being said I feel confident that he will bring this messed up offense back to organized, however they need to build an offensive line.

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