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John Hazelet's Daily Fantasy: Conference Championship Week


What can I say about the quarterbacks this week? You really can't go wrong starting any of these four guys. I have a feeling we are going to see to high-scoring games.

Aaron Rodgers 9600 is the most expensive but keep an eye on the Packers injury report, it seems most of his receivers are banged up and some won't start.

At 9200 Matt Ryan is working with the best wide receiver of the four teams in my opinion. I can see Ryan having a very big week.

Tom Brady 8300 is coming off of bad game. Not a bad game for all QBs but a bad game for Tom Brady. I have little doubt that he won't bounce back this week and put up some numbers.

Ben Roethlisberger at 8000 is our least expensive QB. He is probably facing the best of the four defense is left. It will be interesting to see if the Patriots try to take away Rothlisberger to Brown or focus on Bell and the running game.

In a week where you need to play a lot of lineups, you have the right 4 QB's to mix and match with.


Top of the list at running back is Le’veon Bell 9500. As I say every week he is expensive but he is worth it. Chances are Bell puts up some nice points. But you would have to think the Patriots defense will do everything they can to take him away. So I'm not sure Bell will be the top scoring RB this week but he should be in the majority of your lineups.

Devonta Freeman at 8000 is a nice play against the Packers. I think The Falcons should be able to run the ball at ease and Freeman could have a big day.

Dion Lewis at 7000 is interesting. He was the sleeper last week putting up 23.4 points. I do not think he will put up close to that this week. In fact I like Blount at 6500 as the better play. Blount, a former Steeler, will probably get the bulk of the carries with Lewis contributing catching the ball out of the backfield.

Ty Montgomery… Oh boy did I miss him last week. He put up 23.1 points last week and I told you to avoid playing him. Clearly not one of my best calls this year. This week, I like Montgomery, especially because Nelson, Adam's and Allison are all banged up. I don't think Montgomery matches his point total from last week but I think he could see somewhere in the area of 15 points.

Lastly Tevin Coleman @ 6300 could be a very sneaky play. Coleman will see his fair share of touches and will contribute as a runner and catching the ball out of the backfield. He should put some points up.


Julio Jones tops the list at 8800 this week. Julio left last weeks game a little early and missed some time and practice this week but that should not deter you from getting him in lineups, there is no question he will be playing Sunday. Julio will be a big factor in this game.

Antonio Brown 8400 is a little less expensive than in weeks past. That's due to a healthy respect for the New England defense. I wont be afraid to get Brown involved in some lineups. I think either he or Bell should have a big game.

Jordy Nelson at 8000, Devonta Adams 7600, and Geronimo Allison at 5400 are all game time decisions, proceed with caution.

Julian Edelman 7800 is a play I really like. I think Brady should have a good game and if he does Edelman will certainly benefit.

Taylor Gabriel 6000 is another play I like. As I say almost every week he is a threat the score every time he touches the ball and this week is no exception.

Mohammed Sanu is the type of player that can win you one of these big tournaments. I don't expect him to be used often which makes him valuable. At 5800 he will definitely find himself in some of my lineups.

Eli Rogers 4900 is the same as Sanu. I love players that will probably not be used by the majority of players because they can have a huge impact to where you finish, especially if they have solid games.

Michael Floyd at 4700 is a guy I took a big swing and miss with last week. I thought Floyd would be a good sleeper last week… Maybe I did not learn from my mistake but I think he is a good sleeper this week also. However, if Malcolm Mitchell plays I like Floyd a little less. Mitchell @ 4700 sounds to be a game time decision. If he starts then it's a tossup in my mind between Mitchell and Floyd for my sleeper WR pick..


Jared Cook at 6400 is the highest value tight end this week. Cook who you will remember had the amazing catch with a few seconds left against Dallas should get some love this week. He is healthy and Rodgers will look for him often... strong play.

Martellus Bennett 5500 is also a good play. He is on the injury report as questionable with a knee so monitor that. Jesse James is the only other tight and I would consider. He's 5400 and I think he could make a decent impact this week.

At the kicker position, I feel all four players can put up points. I like Matt Bryant at 5000 The best but Crosby at 4900 Stephen Gostkowski at 4700 and Chris Boswell at 4600 could all put up similar points.

Defenses are extremely tough this weeks. New England 4400 is probably my favorite play but similar to the kicker position you can play all four of these defenses and not see a huge difference in points. Steelers at 4200 Falcons at 4100 and Packers at 4000.

Before I give you my two sample lineups of the week. I wanted to thank everybody for following this article weekly. I hope you made some money along the way and I hope to be back next year to make us all a little more. 

Enjoy the games!

Sample Lineups:

QB: Ryan 9200​​​ QB: Brady 8300

RB: Blount 6500 ​​​RB: Montgomery 6900

RB: Coleman 6300 ​​RB: Bell 9500

WR: Jones 8800 ​​​WR: Edelman 7800

WR: Edelman 7800​​ WR: Cobb 6500

WR: Rogers 4900 ​​WR: Sanu 5800

TE: Cook 6400​​​ TE: Bennett 5500

K: Bryant 5000​​​ K: Bryant 5000

D: Patriots 4400​​​ D: Patriots 4400

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