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  • Craig Gorbunoff

It Started Ugly... But Petty Gets His First Career Win

This past weekend's win started as ugly as it could. With Bryce Petty throwing an interception early in the Jets own territory. The first quarter ended with the Jets being down 14-0. But the Jets showed something they haven't all year in this overtime victory... resiliency. This whole year the Jets have lacked the ability to make second half adjustments. And when they've been down, they haven't been able to come back and fight. I don't know if it was the leadership of Petty, or maybe just a very strong performance from Bilal Powell. But this team responded to Being down and trusting their starting quarterback.

Petty made some quick reads, fast throws, and was able too push the ball down the field with some big throws to Robbie Anderson. Plus... how can we not mention that tough touchdown run late in the game to make it a once score contest? Then once the team was able to force OT. He was able to escape the pocket and make a deep throw down the field to Robbie Anderson and get the team into field goal range. The game was pretty much solidified, but the icing on the cake was a long run by Bilal Powell to to get into the end zone.

This was a complete team effort, but i was very impressed with Bryce Petty. I'm a believer in Interceptions aren't what makes a poor quarterback, but how a quarterback responds to throwing them. When Brett Favre threw an interception, you could still count on him to lead your team down the field to win the game. With other quarterbacks, you can just tell that it would affect them throughout the course of the game and their confidence. Petty threw the pick early, but was able to respond and lead his team to a victory.

I'm excited to see what Petty will do throughout the rest of the season. 3 more games, 3 division games on the schedule for the New York Football Jets. And while I've liked Petty in his two starts (yes even that awful game against the Rams), there is a lot still to be seen in the close of the season.

Think of these games as an audition for next year. Bryce Petty just might be the starting quarterback next season, which in a weaker draft, could work to the Jets advantage. But hey, lets not get too into the draft talk, we still have 3 exciting games left for the Jets this season.

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