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John Hazelet's Daily Fantasy Week 9

Week 9


Aaron Rodgers 9100 vs Colts: I like that Rodgers and company got back on track against the Falcons last week. I look for that to continue this week against the 31st ranked Colts Defense. His price is high but in this case I think he is worth it.

Drew Brees 8600 @ 49ers: I tend to stay away from Brees when he is on the road and playing outdoors but against the 49’ers I will make the exception. It doesn’t bother me that the 49ers are ranked 7th against the pass, I think that is artificial because everybody runs on them. Give me Brees and his entire cast of WR’s and RB’s this week.

Andre Luck 8000 @ Packers: I am going to give a little credit to the Colts young offensive line. I still think Luck gets hit more then he should but that unit is getting better. Add that with Moncrief getting healthy and give me Luck all day against the Packers D.

Dak Prescott 7600 @ Browns: Even though the Cowboys won last week in O.T. Dak didn’t really didn’t start to play well till late in the game. This week I think he plays well early and often. I actually can see this game being a bit of a shootout and that should be a benefit to his 7600 value.

Ryan Tannehill 7300 vs Jets: Hard to not like any QB against the Jets these days. I do not think Tannehill is a quality QB but it’s hard to not like his cast of WR’s and the Dolphins new found running game. At this value he is a must start in a lineup or two and a very good choice in a stack.

Other QB’s to consider: Ben Roethlisberger 7500 @ Ravens (if healthy), Nick Foles 6800 vs Jaguars.


Ezekiel Elliott 9200 @ Browns: Zeke is becoming a must play every week and this week if you could figure out how to play him twice, you should! He should be able to put up 20-25 Fanduel points. My only fear is if the game becomes a blowout that could cause him to lose some touches but I think the Browns will hang in there.

Le'Veon Bell 8700 @ Ravens: Similar to Elliott, Bell is always going to be a strong play. I like the fact that he is coming off a Bye week and is well rested. I like his value just a little more if Big Ben plays because I think the Steelers will look to establish the run to take a little pressure off of his injury.

DeMarco Murray 8100 @ Chargers: Murray has officially returned to the status of fantasy stud. He has been incredibly solid this season and I see no reason that shouldn’t continue this week.

Matt Forte 7500 @ Dolphins: Forte has received a heavy work load in the last 2 weeks and has put up 27.4 and 22.8 FDP. The Dolphins rank 30th against the rush and something tells me the Jets will need to run the ball early and often to keep their defense off the field.

Devontae Booker 7000 @ Raiders: Booker put up 14.9 FDP last week and I would say that was a disappointment based on the 35% of lineups he was in Fanduels main tournament. I think he can improve on his points this week and I also think his usage will be cut close to half of what it was last week. That makes him a strong play.

Charcandrick West 5600 vs Jaguars: I only like this play if Ware and Charles are both out.

Other RB’s to consider: Jay Ajayi 7100 vs Jets, Theo Riddick 6600 @ Vikings


Jordy Nelson 8200 vs Colts: The days of 25-30 FDP from Nelson on a consistent basis are over but I really like what I saw of him last week. I love to pick against the Colts D but this is as much of a pick for Nelson as it is against the Colts. This game should be high scoring and I think Rodgers will look to his favorite WR often.

Dez Bryant 7800 @ Browns: Dez looked healthy Sunday night and I think he will draw a healthy amount of targets vs the Browns.

Jarvis Landry 7600 vs Jets: Landry will most likely draw Revis and there is no way to sugarcoat this.. Revis has been absolutely awful in coverage this season and I think Landry could have a field day here.

Stefon Diggs 6500 vs Lions: Diggs seems to be Bradfords favorite target and seems to now be healthy. I like the 17.6 FDP he put up against the Eagles which could have been 27 points if not for a big drop. He should be able to at least match his total from last week and that would be great value at 6500.

Donte Moncrief 6100 @ Packers: I really thought this would be a huge year for Moncrief but injury has slowed him down. Last week vs the Chiefs he put up a TD with 4 catches for 41 yards off of 9 targets. This week he should see an increase which makes him a great value at 6100.

Michael Thomas 5800 @ 49ers. Thomas has been very under the radar averaging 12.7FDP and is slowly becoming one of his QB’s favorite targets. The Saints will always spread the ball around and that’s always a concern when trying to pick one of their WR’s but I will take Thomas anyway because I think he will play above his average.

Other WR’s to consider: Corey Coleman 5600 vs Cowboys (if active), Tyreek Hill 4700 vs Jaguars, Davante Adams 7100 vs Colts

Potential Sleeper: Kamar Aiken 5300 vs Steelers​


Greg Olsen 7500 @ Rams: The Panthers rolled over the Cards last week and Olsen was not a big part of the W only putting up 1.6 FDP’s. Over his career, Olsen rarely has 2 quiet games in a row. Usually Cam’s favorite target, I can see him wanting to get his BFF the ball early and often this week.

Travis Kelce 6600 vs Jaguars: I gave you Kelce last week and he came up big putting up 19.6 FDP’s. I think this week could be in the same 15-20 point range regardless of Smith or Foles at QB.

Delanie Walker 6400 @ Chargers: Walker is usually one of my favorite plays and this week is no exception. The Charges rank 24th against the pass and I think Delanie will benefit. Look for him to be Mariota’s favorite target this week in the passing game.

Other TE’s to consider: Jason Witten 5200 @ Browns, Dennis Pitta 5200 vs Steelers, Jesse James 5100 @ Ravens


Dan Bailey 4800 @ Browns, Cairo Santos 4700 vs Jaguars, Josh Lambo 4600 vs Titans.


Chiefs 5100 vs Jags, Eagles 4600 @ Giants, Lions 4200 @ Vikings

Stack 1: Ryan Tannehill 7300 with Jay Ajayi 7100 and Jarvis Landry 7600 vs Jets: The Jets secondary has been god awful and I think that has the potential to open up their run game for the red hot Ajayi.

Stack 2: Aaron Rodgers 9100 with Jordy Nelson 8200 and Davante Adams 7100 vs Colts. The Packers run game is in shambles so expect Rodgers to throw the ball between 40-50 times. Nelson and Adams will no doubt benefit.

Sample lineup:

QB: Drew Brees 8600 @ 49ers

RB: Ezekiel Elliot 9200 @ Browns

RB: Charcandrick West 5600 vs Jaguars

WR: Michael Thomas 5800 @ 49ers

WR: Davante Adams 7100 vs Colts

WR: Dez Bryant 7800 @ Browns

TE: Travis Kelce 6600 vs Jaguars

K: Cairo Santos 4700 vs Jaguars

D: Lions 4200 @ Vikings

Balance $400

Twitter: @JohnHazelet475

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