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Brandon Turner's Best Bets: Week 1

It’s finally time to make some cash while watching our favorite games. After a long off-season where we spent an inordinate amount of time talking about Tom Brady’s balls we are ready to get back to what really matters in sports: Betting. Last year, if you stuck with me as I laid out suggestions every week of the regular season, you went 19-10-1 overall which led to about 650$ in profit if you bet 100$ on every game. We’re looking to do even better than that this year as we look at this week’s games.

REMEMBER: Sports betting isn’t versus the house. It is possible to consistently come out ahead if you have more knowledge than the general public whom the lines are made for! (All lines used from Bovada.)

Game 1: Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5) at New York Jets

Look I know this one is painful, but the Bengals simply match up well against the Jets. They have probably the most solid roster in the conference. Their offensive line is extremely sound and historically the Jets struggle to generate pass rush against solid lines (remember Oakland.) The Bengals were crushing everyone before Andy Dalton got hurt and I don’t see the J-E-T-S keeping up once their defense inevitably gets tired. It will take a historic Revis shutdown gam or multiple Marshall catches in double coverage just to make this a toss-up. This is one I will be very very happy to be wrong about.

Game 2: Oakland Raiders (+1) at New Orleans Saints

The better team is getting a point. One of the keys to sports betting is to find a line that just doesn’t make sense and exploit it. This line doesn’t make sense. If Cinci doesn’t have the best line in the conference, then it’s Oakland’s beastly front. They should open plenty of running lanes for Murray against the Saints porous defense and Amari Cooper will take advantage over the top. The Saints defense will force Brees to throw early and often and that’s when two guys named Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin are going to go to work. Enjoy that free money.

Game 3: Buffalo Bills (+3) at Baltimore Ravens

Ohhh Rexy, how you love winning season openers. Well except for that one time the Ravens embarrassed you in Baltimore during the most hyped up season of your career. Say what you will about Rex but the guy always seems to win big, meaningless but personal games. I believe the only reason the line is this big are the injuries and suspensions the Bills are dealing with. The Ravens D is still bad though and Tyrod plus Sammy Watkins will burn it many times over.

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