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  • Lijah Spencer

The Eagles 3 Year Plan

When the Philadelphia Eagles made the decision to trade up in the NFL Draft to select QB Carson Wentz, the team had put into motion a 3 year plan.

We all remember how bad Eagles football was last year, but they did finish the year 7-9. By re-signing Sam Bradford, the team hopes to stay competitive in this division which is wide open, but they are really building toward their vision.

First, General Manager Howie Roseman looked at his roster, identified his quality core players and extended their contracts. Then he went out and signed safety Rodney McLeod to a long term deal, which paired with Malcom Jenkins should solidify the safety position. He also signed Guard Brandon Brooks to a long term deal, which will begin to mesh the O line.

Drafting Wentz meant not drafting a top corner or offensive lineman, so that will have to happen in the next offseason. With no 1st round pick, Roseman, over the next two offseasons will look either in free agency or in the draft to improve the O line, as well as find better cornerback play as well as wide receivers.

When you project into next year’s draft, it at this time does not look like a great QB draft. There is really 1 guy, so to get him means you probably have to be drafting #1 overall. They had a much better chance of finding their QB this year, which is exactly what they did. The draft will however be deep at RB and WR, so they should be able to find help in the 2017 draft, even without a 1st round pick.

Chip Kelly decimated the talent level on this team, and that wasn’t going to be rebuilt in just one offseason. They’ve got their QB, and if in the next 2 off seasons they solidify the line, corner, and skill positions, then you are In Carson Wentz’s 3rd year, and ready to roll.

So in closing, don’t panic Eagles fans. The Carson Wentz injury slows his growth down a little, but in the long run it won’t really matter much at all. Just sit back and watch a young team start to grow together and build towards something. Once that starts to happen, and then you add in better talent, then this team will really be fun.

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