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  • Kevin Lidlow

What does Brady's suspension mean for the rest of the AFC east?

Well Jets, Bills, and Dolphins fans, the Patriots are finally getting some justice as Tom Brady is finally getting suspended for the Deflatgate scandal. Brady's latest attempt to avoid serving a four- game suspension to start the new season was flatly rejected Wednesday by an appeals court. The 2nd U.S Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan issued a one-sentence rejection of requests by the National Football league Players Association and Brady to reconsider an April decision that found that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell acted within his powers by suspending the star quarterback. So what does this mean for the rest of the teams in the AFC east?

If you’re the Bills and Dolphins it means a lot because they both play the Patriots during Brady's suspension, but the Jets it means nothing because they play the Pats when Brady returns. On the bright side, it could mean a change and a different team taking the AFC east crown. However the Jets will have to do the hard way and go against Brady twice. Maybe it's just me but at this point I just don't want to see the Patriots win the division anymore so it doesn't matter who wins although I prefer it being the Jets.

If the Jets were to win the division they will have to beat them at least once, beat the Bills and Dolphins, and have the better record. I know that’s an obvious answer but last year the Bills swept the Jets, swept the dolphins, and even the series with the Pats.

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