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The Wentz Era Begins and Other Notable Items

When Commissioner Roger Goodell approaches the podium to announce the second pick in the NFL Draft, the Carson Wentz era will officially commence. Unless something strange happens and the Rams suddenly have an epiphany and change their minds, all signs point to Goff-Wentz to go 1-2 respectively tonight. Whether you’re listening to local talk radio or speaking to people around the city, there seems to be excitement building for the “Wentz train” and all the unknowns that come with it since the trade was finalized one week ago. The kid has all of the physical tools and intangibles that, on paper, could translate in being the ling-awaited franchise quarterback that the Eagles have been longing for since the Donavan McNabb tenure as arguably the best quarterback in franchise history. At 6’4”, 240 pounds, Wentz is an imposing presence on and off the field. Couple that with a big-time arm, athleticism, the intelligence to process information and having played in a pro-style offense, Wentz appears to have the whole package. This pick does not come without risk and we all know the history of success with quarterbacks drafted 1-2 in the past (about a 50% success rate), this process amounts to a crap shoot. The Eagles paid a premium to move up six spots in the draft by surrendering 3rd and 4th rounds picks (along with flipping 1st), along with a 1st in 2017 and a 2nd in 2018 to the Cleveland Browns. The Eagles will receive a conditional pick in 2017 (more than likely a 4th) from the Browns as part of the deal. The Eagles rolled the dice with the belief that the time was ripe to acquire a quarterback that will be the face of the team for the next 10-12 years, while looking at the landscape of quarterbacks (mainly spread QBs) coming out in the next few drafts. A number of people (including pissed off fans) will look at Wentz’s body of work and the competition he played against at North Dakota State (FCS, Division 1-AA schools) as a negative and recipe for failure, but one thing you people underestimate is the heart and desire of the person. I believe this kid has the heart, confidence and work ethic to be successful in the NFL. The fact that he is coming to a team that will allow him to be groomed and sit (for at least a year) under the tutelage of Doug Pederson (former QB), Frank Reich (former QB) and John DeFilippo (former offensive coordinator, Browns) will be a plus.

The Bradford Situation

Adam Schefter reported this morning on ESPN’s Mike and Mike and 97.5, The Fanatic that any potential deal between the Broncos and Eagles for Sam Bradford is unlikely to happen. Anything is game between now and over the next couple of days of the draft, but I’m of the opinion the Eagles will stand pat with Sam I Am. Their intent all along was for Bradford to start and give them the best chance to win (a weak NFC East) next season. The fact that they have provided him with $22 million in guaranteed money in the 2- year deal he signed this year (including an $11 million signing bonus), Bradford and Tom Condon (his agent) have very little leverage at this point. Bradford looks terribly weak in this whole situation and I’m wondering what team would be willing to give up draft picks or players for someone who so easily bolts on their team when faced with some adversity. Sam Bradford already has somewhat of a reputation around the league as soft and brittle, in addition to not living up to expectations since being drafted No. 1 in the 2010 draft. Although not the ideal situation, Bradford may be relegated to the real possibility of being on the Eagles roster in 2016. He may have lost some respect from teammates and coaches alike, but all will be forgotten if the Eagles get off to a fast start once the season commences.

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