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  • Craig Gorbunoff

Jets Best Friend... Money Manziel

The New York Jets sitting at 8-5 and 2nd place in the AFC east are desperately hanging on to the sixth seed in the AFC playoff race. While they have won their past three games, they are anything but in control of their destiny. With the Chiefs and Steelers at the same record and with a seemingly easier schedule against only AFC opponents the Jets need some serious help at making the playoffs. The Jets, over the next 3 games face 1 NFC team and 2 AFC teams. Now what is important here in tie breaking procedures is conference records. The Steelers have a conference record of 5-4. The Chiefs have a conference record of 7-2. The Jets have a conference record of 6-4. So what does all of this mean should each of these three teams win out? It would mean the Chiefs would have a conference record of 10-2, the Steelers, 8-4, and the Jets 8-4. Through various tie-breaking procedures the Steelers would wind up with the 6th wild card spot. Obviously means a few things. One Jets fans should be praying for a Steelers loss… or Chiefs loss but since they’ve won 7 straight that seems highly unlikely. And the Jets need to win as many games as possible down the stretch here. Lets take a look at the next three matchups.

The Dallas Cowboys:

This has to be the most winnable game on the Jets roster down the stretch. The Cowboys are 4-9, and without Tony Romo, have won only one game this season against the Washington Redskins. While Matt Cassel is a decent quarterback, The Jets should be able to take care of business on the road. Their defense matches up well with shutting down the Cowboys offense. And this Jets offense is flying high since Fitz trimmed his beard. No reason for it to slow down here against the boys.

The New England Patriots:

Probably the hardest game for the Jets down the stretch for obvious reasons. It’s the Patriots. However, with the amount of injuries the Pats are facing, the offense hasn’t looked as high powered as it did the last time they played the Jets. And with the Jets only losing that last matchup by 7, this game should be a lot closer then most will predict. In fact… to be bold right now, Jets split the series with the Patriots and get a win at home against Brady and the Pats… at least so Jets fans everywhere hope.

The Buffalo Bills:

After a brutal beat down on a dreary Thursday night game in which the Jets beat themselves every opportunity they could, Coach Todd Bowles won’t let history repeat itself. The Jets will put on a dominant performance against Rex Ryan and the Bills. In earlier articles I predicted the Jets get swept by the Bills, however with the way the offense is playing as of late and the way the defense has been able to shut down opposing teams, it has changed my opinion of this team. Jets should be able to win week 17 on the road.

Now whom should Jets fans be rooting for the most besides the obvious gang green? Well for one, the Broncos face the Steelers this coming week, who probably have the best shot of winning against red-hot Pittsburgh over the next three weeks. The Ravens play both the Steelers and Chiefs but realistically they don’t have much of a chance being the most injured team in football. But a team that plays both the Steelers and Chiefs that is playing pretty good football right now? Johnny Football and the Cleveland Browns. That’s right Jets fans bust out you Money Manziel jersey’s because they’re your best hope of making the playoffs. In Johnny Manziel’s 4 games as a starter this season he has 1,121 yards, 5 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. While he may not be the hero New York deserves, he’s the one it needs right now. These next 3 games are as big as it’s gotten for the Jets season, it should make for very very interesting football.

Moral of the story… The Jets will make the playoffs!

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