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  • Tracy Broaddus

Diary of a Frustrated Eagles Fan

I cannot believe how the Philadelphia Eagles have played so far this season. It has been a contradiction to what people thought this team would play like this season. We all thought the offense would continue to be the strong point of the team and the defense would be improved but offense is the weakest point of the team. I really can’t stand Chip Kelly’s offense; I believe its part of the reason DeMarco Murray can’t get anything going. We can’t run the ball out of shotgun all the time, Murray is a downhill runner who needs to be gaining steam before he gets the ball. He can’t do that when were running the out of shotgun, and it doesn’t help that our offensive line doesn’t block. We need to line up under center, and maybe use a full back to get DeMarco going. I’m afraid Heath Evans is right; I think Chip needs to slow down the tempo especially when were not having success because he’s putting the defense in a bad position. As an Ohio State Buckeye fan, which runs a similar offense, I have grown tired of this fast break offense. I really wish the Eagles would get a coach that runs a more methodical pro style offense. I feel that he thinks his system is so good that it was acceptable to have Barbre and Gardner as his starting guards. Seriously, if Chip Kelly can’t turn this thing around this year Jeffery Lurie needs to get rid of him. Between his style offense and him not drafting any replacements for Mathis or Herremans I feel he’s running this team into the ground.

Billy Davis has done a decent job the first two weeks but what I disagree with him on his scheme where he has his corners playing so far off the receivers its easy pickings for the quarterback. I mean you let Julio Jones have free release off the line, what do you expect to happen. In the Dallas game, he calls an all out blitz but doesn’t press his corners and the Cowboys throw a quick slant for touchdown. I don’t have a problem with Byron Maxwell right now like a lot of Eagles fan do right now. I think he’ll be fine but Nolan Carroll needs to be replaced, he hasn’t improved since last year. I think we know what we have with him and that’s not a starting caliber cornerback. I’d rather have Cary Williams back; at least he had an edge to him. Carroll gets picked on and doesn’t seem to get upset about it. I’m begging for Demeco Ryans not to be in the game on passing downs because he can’t cover anybody. Chip has the wrong mentality when it comes to defense, its hurry up and get me the ball so we can score. Like I’ve stated before this defense is built to try and cause turnovers not make people go 3 and out. I don’t think that works when you play the Rodgers, Brady, and Romo’s of the world. Those teams are good at ball control and time of possession, so if you can’t beat with tempo on offense you’re in trouble.

If Chip can’t turn this around this or even if we win 10 and miss the playoffs I wouldn’t care less if he runs back to college. I wanted a defensive minded coach or someone who’s a coordinator of a good NFL offense in 2013 anyway. Someone who can adjust his offense to the players on the team. If Chip knew what he was doing he would have Demarco Murray running from under center formations. Teams are starting to figure out this offense and its starting to show. Load up the box against the run and force them to throw the underneath routes. This season looks like it could be as painful to watch as Andy Reid’s last season in Philly. I can’t take one of these mediocre or worse seasons from the Eagles.

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