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  • Craig Gorbunoff

Sheldon Richardson: The Good, The Bad, and The Stupid

News broke today that Sheldon Richardson was arrested for resisting arrest as well as drag racing driving 143 MPH and having a gun. News flash to Sheldon Richardson, if you want to make that “Suh Money” you can’t be doing stupid things such as this.

One has to wonder if General Manager Mike Maccagnan is a little psychic with him drafting Leonard Williams with the 6th overall pick even though it seemed unnecessary. Now Jets fans and Analysts alike are feeling incredibly lucky that he stuck to his board and drafted the best player available to fill what is now a huge hole on the defensive line.

This new development’s biggest impact has to be with the new contract of Mohammed Wilkerson. As far as I’m concerned, the pressure to resign Sheldon Richardson to that type of contract now is gone, which opens up cap space for the upcoming years. Especially with this situation going on Mohammed Wilkerson is not a player you want to let walk out the door.

As for Sheldon Richardson, I imagine an additional suspension will be coming to him. In addition to this, I don’t see him having much of a future with the Jets. He’ll either play out his contract, or one could get quite the pretty penny to trade him. Maybe Rex want’s him up in Buffalo? Maybe Kansas City wants some more defensive talent? The possibilities are endless. But either way, come the end of Sheldon’s contract, he will no longer be a Jet… I guarantee it.

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