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  • John Hazelet

Brady Suspended? Not So Fast

Tom Brady and the NFL Players Association met for 11 hours yesterday to appeal the NFL decision to suspend him for 4 games this upcoming season.

Brady has spared no expense to clear his good name as has brought in Jeffrey Kessler to join Brady agent Don Yee in his quest to discredit the Wells Report. Kessler has been a thorn in the NFL’s side before as he was hired as outside counsel to the NFLPA last year during the appeal of the NFL's suspension of Ray Rice. Also, Kessler was the lead attorney that helped establish free agency in the NFL by winning the Freeman McNeil case. Lastly Kessler was hired by Bill Belichick in his lawsuit against the NFL and the New York Jets in federal court to free himself from his contract with the Jets. His record in the courtroom is almost as impressive as Brady’s is on the field.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like this huge dog and pony show will end with Brady winning his appeal? Roger Goodell was hired by the owners and the owner that pushed for him the hardest was Robert Kraft. It is well documented that the two are close friends. Even though they have had a little tiff over this situation, the two mended fences in May at the owners meetings. As I have said before, I find it highly unlikely that the two haven’t discussed this behind the scenes. Coincidently Kraft was out of the country for the hearing yesterday but was sure to have a statement read in support of Tom Brady’s character. Maybe that was an honest scheduling conflict but the conspiracy theorist in me can’t help but feel like it was done purposely so Kraft didn’t have to give a sworn statement while under oath. I find it hard to believe that Kraft, a very hands on owner, with the possibility of losing his super star QB for 4 games to start the season found himself scheduled to be in Israel with 19 NFL Hall of Famers in his mission to help grow the game in his ancestral country. While I applaud his mission, I question its timing to coincide with this hearing. To think that this investigation which has been ongoing for 5 months couldn’t have waited till Kraft returned from his trip today makes it look like Roger did a solid for his old friend Robert.

I think without question, this suspension will be over turned and all will be right in Patriot land. The NFL will get back to business and the Patriots will get back to doing everything possible to gain every little advantage they can on or off the field.

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