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Woody Causes a Buzz: How the Jets Will Be Lightyears Behind Without an Ownership Change-Kevin Lidlow


As if it weren’t bad enough, time after time the Jets have been notorious for having short term success with little to no results on the back end. They haven’t any consistency in the franchise, which frustrates us fans because the team isn’t or hasn’t won since 1968. The front office has been terrible with handling situations properly as well as hiring the right coach and it starts with the owner. 

   There’s no secret that former Jets owner and US Ambassador Woody Johnson hasn’t been the best owner for the franchise because of his terrible decision making. There’s no question that fans want him out as the owner and there’s a good chance that it might happen. Earlier this week, there were accusations that Johnson made some racial and sexist comments while serving as the Ambassador. 

    Johnson did decline making those comments and claimed that they were false, but given how the world is nowadays with the fight for equality there should and could be an investigation about this. While we don’t know if it were true or not, this is something that the NFL needs to get right in terms of punishment. Johnson’s tenure as the Ambassador will come to an end in November and will be set to return as the Jets owner. 

    However, if in fact he made those types of comments then his ownership of the team should be relinquished. If the NFL decides to not punish him or Dan Snyder who also made sexist comments to his staff, then the league will be in serious trouble. No one is going to want to play or watch a team in the league that allows this type of behavior. 

  Not to mention that no one would ever want to play for the Jets with an owner that doesn’t treat his staff or players equally and makes those gruesome comments. Therefore would set the Jets back even further than they already are. It’s time that the NFL holds the owners accountable for their actions like they do with their players.

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