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Three matchups to watch for in the Jets vs Colts game

The injury prone Jets are looking to get their first win of the season against the Indianapolis Colts. The Jets and Colts rivalry date back all the way to 1968, when Joe Namath guaranteed a Super Bowl victory. Since then, both of these teams shared exciting moments like the 2002 wildcard playoffs where the Jets dominated the Colts and 2009 AFC championship game when the Colts advanced to the Super Bowl. The Colts lead the Jets 42-32 all time in their meetings, and tomorrow they will renew it. Here are some key matchups to watch for that could help the Jets win:

Quinnen Williams & Jets DL vs Quinton Nelson & Colts OL:

  The Jets run defense that was ranked 2nd last year, was more boom or bust last week against the 49ers. Allowing an 80 yard run by Mosthert on the first play of the game, and 182 rushing yards in total throughout the game. The 49ers YPC last week was 6.1 which was the most allowed by this Jets defense. Bright side of that though, Quinnen Williams has one of his best games since coming into the league with two sacks and four tackles. 

     They will be facing another good offensive line with the Indianapolis Colts, who rushed for 151 yards with 5.3 YPC. This Colts team features Quinten Nelson, Ryan Kelly, and Anthony Castonzo who have been very good. Their running backs are not half bad either, rookie Jonathon Taylor and Nyheim Hines are a nice duo. The Jets would need to be gap discipline and know where they are going to be at all times. 

Philip Rivers vs the Jets secondary:

 We have seen Philip Rivers in his prime and know how good he can be. He also loves to put the ball in the running backs hands, getting the YAC and dominating the time of possession. He will be going against a Jets secondary that has been struggling in the passing game in the first two games of the season. 

   As good as he once was, Rivers arm strength has been on the decline within the last couple of years. That’s where the Jets secondary has an advantage, I’d fully expect Gregg Williams to work some man to man against the Colts. As long as the corners stay close to the receivers , I see the Jets winning the battle. 

Lawrence Cager’s debut vs Xavier Rhodes:

Lawrence Cager has been the fan favorite for the Jets since training camp started. Cager is a big bodied receiver who can win the physical battle against the smaller corners. His downside is that he’s had a tough time gaining separation which could be vital for Sam Darnold. 

   I can see him matchup against Xavier Rhodes who had a down year the previous season and was released by the Vikings in the offseason. He’s a big bodied corner, with a large arm width. If they’re going to get Cager the ball, Gase needs to move him around. 

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