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The Jets 2020 NFL Draft Grade by Rich Wilhelm

‪#Jets grade: B‬

‪Becton-There was a possibility all 4 OT were gone in the top 10, instead the best one falls to 11‬.

‪Mims- 1st round talent fell to 59. Jets got their possible WR1 and did it while acquiring extra picks in the process.

‪Davis-Swiss Army knife. CB/S/PR/KR‬. Will save the team money by being a hybrid at multiple positions.

Zuniga- Sometimes stiff, hopefully not as stiff as Polite was. Same school, different player. Tons of potential.

‪Perine- Solid RB2‬ and perfect compliment to Le’Veon. Bruiser, will run through a wall.

Morgan- This was a head scratcher with Fromm still on the board. I do not think the Jets want clear cut competition for Darnold but instead they want to groom a quality backup. Probably takes someone like Flacco off the table and saves the team money...maybe.

‪Clark- He’s a big boy who knows how to stay healthy and was a team captain. Started 49 games and is an NFL guard.

Hall- Even with the injury it’s insanity that Hall fell to the 5th round. Jets got a ton of value for a player that is going to battle to start in a year.

Mann- Best punter in college and it isn’t close. He can punt it 187 yards! ‬

Quincy Wilson- Cornerback depth is always a good thing. 2019 was an off year for Wilson. Let’s hope going back to man coverage helps him.

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